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    Is it awkward running into anyone you see on the AN island on the regular resort?

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    Nope. Some of our best friends are people we met on SSB, hung out with in the evenings and have even been back with them and have another trip planned with them!

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    You mean the same people we just spent the day with talking, laughing and drinking with for 8 or so hours? Sometimes it just continues to the regular resort. Awkward? Never.

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    Good point! I suppose once you get past the initial oh man im naked it turns into any other conversation. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mj1023 View Post
    Is it awkward running into anyone you see on the AN island on the regular resort?
    Awkward, no. Funny, yes, when you don't recognize them with their clothes on.

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    Nope, it's all good.

    It is funny though that we have made some new close friends at SSB that we now see while back home with clothes and think nothing of seeing them year after year naked at CSS. But when some friends were know from home, and that go down to the Island at TI, were talking about meeting up with us at SSB, we were reluctant and embarrassed to imagine hanging out with them in the nude. We finally got over the awkwardness and agreed, but as it turned out, they had to reschedule, and will not be there next trip (phew??? and lol).

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    HA! yes i am sure. Also im sure that time will ease all concerns and we need to just jump right into it. Thanks!

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    I always find it funny that I have spent more than 2 months of my life naked with a bunch of strangers on an island about the size of a football field. I see many of the same strangers every year and look forward to seeing them every year.

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