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    Default Oh,how we miss our beloved CN......Hugs

    Here we sit..It's Monday evening at CN..Yes,the repeaters dinner is ongoing and we are sitting here at home on our butts in 10 0 C while our hearts are at CN.

    But,Peggy and I have already booked CN for next April 10-17 and we are extremely excited..We are returning home..Yes,home to where our lives changed forever..To a place full of sun,sand,cool waters,great food,outstanding staff,beautiful scenery and the greatest guests in the world.

    CN..Couples Negril..Oh,how I love typing these words.
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    Have fun going home again, Tommy. I wish we could join you.
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    YEAH!!!!!!! Tommywommy I am so glad that you are going back to the beloved CN. I know that there will be some smiling faces waiting for you as you step off the shuttle to welcome you with warm hugs. I also look forward to your take on some of the changes that have taken place in your absence, all of them very good. Like a beautiful lady touching up her makeup and adding new accessories.

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    Cheers to you Tommy...have a Salty Dog for Kim and I!
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