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    Default Couplicious Wednesdays - Prices

    We are new to this site and are wondering if the 24hour Couplicious Wednesdays deals are only through this site or are they also reflected in prices for the wholesale travel sites or local travel agents? We have always used a local travel agent in the past and have never booked the hotel and fight pckages separately.

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    We are in Canada and have always used a TA to book as well. The package prices here are usually much better than booking seperately or through the Couples website.
    I have noticed some special rates on and Itravel2000 on Wednesdays that reflect the Couples specials. Your TA would likely price match anyway.

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    I wondered this same thing after booking online with another company and the seeing last weeks' Wednesday special. I called that company and from what I gathered from the conversation is that the special is offered directly by the resort so the best they could do for me would be to cancel my hotel portion and I could book through Couples website. Or I could cancel my entire trip and re-book any way I chose. After pricing it out a few ways, it all seemed to work out fairly even no matter which way it was booked, so I've decided not to pay attention to any more specials and just look forward to our trip in March! (unless the specials could justify booking ANOTHER trip!!!)

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    It all depends on the deal. Last February we booked an April Secret Rendevous that included hotel and air thru our local TA which saved us money.

    Back in June we booked our November vacation directly with Couples during a 24 hour Couplicious Wednesdays Sale. We waited to purchase the airfare until it went on sale. We saved BIG money booking it separately.

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    YES the Wednesday specials ARE available from travel agents but you need to contact them as it is usually not available on their web sites and not through bulk wholesalers.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Thanks for the info and advice everyone. We will sign up for the flyers and contct our TA when we see a sale come up.

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