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    Default Dinner on the beach

    Hi, thinking about surprising my Hubby with a dinner on the beach. Any thoughts, insights from those who have done it?

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    I was going to do this with my wife, but we were out of $$$. Its $150 for the dinner which would have been nice, but the restaurants CN offers made up for us missing out on the beach dinner. If you can afford it after all the shopping you will do then go for it, beautiful view of bloody bay!

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    Only saw one couple doing this, looked pretty and all, but IMHO, was not worth $150 extra. The restaurants are fabulous and you can watch the sunset from the beach with your honey. All Included!

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    I surprised my hubby with a private beach dinner on one our trips and we loved it! We think it WAS worth the $150! I'd be happy to share more of our pics if that would help (

    At the table, we each had a menu that was rolled up and tied with string. When we opened it, it had our names at the top, with the date and had hearts all over it. The perfect souvenir for framing. Here's what our meal was:

    Appetizer: scallop ceviche served with papaya vinaigrette
    Soup: Jamaican pumpkin soup enchanted with aged rum
    Salad: exotic lettuce accompanied with herbed goat cheese and lychees honeyed vinaigrette
    Entree: petit filet mignon accompanied with sambucca flavored tiger prawns dijonaise and cognac sauces
    Dessert: east meets west chocolate desire

    Typically, the menu is filet and lobster, but we were there in April when lobster is out of season (it's out of season April-June). Also, in the days prior, I had previewed the menu just to confirm that we were okay with it and had no food allergies or anything. We also had our own server, who got us anything we wanted from the bar and made sure our wine glasses were never empty.
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    I saw this being set up for some lucky couple last time we were there. I totally want to do this as a surprise for my hubby. He's having chemo again, so we hope we can come back to CN as planned. IOLONUTS.....maybe you will do it before we get there and you can tell us how fabulous it was!!

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    I would highly recommend a private dinner on the beach or one of the other locations available. Last year I surprised Kris with a private dinner in the tree house. We went for a walk and snuck into the tree house to see what was there. Kris was in a hurry to leave when she saw the tree house was nicely decorated and set for a table for two. She was so surprised when I told her it was for us and I put on "our song" as we sat for a wonderful dinner. It was a priceless moment. We are going back this year and I have another surprise planned. Let's keep that between us....

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