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    Default Minnesota-Wisconsin December Get-Together!!!

    A few of us Couples couples are planning a Christmas shopping & party get-together near the Mall of America on December 5. I have seen plenty of posts from people in the neighborhood. It would be fun to meet up with some of you and talk about our warm Couples experiences during our cold December days. Anyone interested in joining us?

    I promise not to mention the new Wisconsin F-word (F-avre)!

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    LOL, I love how worked up people here are about Brett. Big deal... he's doing a lot for football promotion-wise and he's making a ton of cash for himself along the way, I don't blame him at all.

    I think my girl and I will be in the twin cities on New Year's eve, we're going to the Wild game.. so I don't think a trip before that would work for us, but thanks for the invitation.

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    We might possibly be interested, depends on how much I have done before then...we will only be 5 days away from Couples Eve then!! Keep us posted on times and details. Thanks!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Sorry, that is the day we leave for CSA, 3 couples 2 from Waconia, one from St. Louis Park...52 days 'til Rum Cream All I Want...

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    Nice thought, but on December 5th we will be flying out of your Minneapolis airport at 5:30 for CSS. See, I agree, Cold December's that is why we leave Wisconsin then. (Also, because of a second job I can't go in Janurary or February)

    As far as the Wisconsin "F" word goes. You can keep him. He'll probably retire again next year. I was hearing stories even before he left that he really isn't the "kind, generous person" he pretends to be. He also has been fading by the end of the year. Of course he at least has pretty good protection now.

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    Default Some people still like Favre...

    This is from a SI poll...

    Greatest athlete who ever lived in or played for a team in your state
    Brett Favre
    Bart Starr
    Hank Aaron

    State's biggest rivalry

    State's biggest rival

    Favorite pro team
    Green Bay Packers
    Chicago Cubs
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Chicago Bears

    He's the best QB we've had since well, Tommy Kramer...Speaking of Last Call Tommy...52 Days 'til Rum Cream All I Want...

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    Count us in.... We can't wait

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    jamaican_junkie: Can you e-mail us information on where you'll be staying? Our anniversary is Dec. 4th and we were thinking about getting away for that weekend. We're about 4-5 hours away from Mall of America down by Madison Wisconsin. We don't go to Jamaica until January - one week at CTI and one week at CSS! Our e-mail address is

    (By the way we still watch Favre every weekend)

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    I'll be there if you bring some rum cream!!!

    Jan ( Mark, t00)

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    Sueboo, were from La Crosse. Our names are Jeff and Gail. We hope you can make it.

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    Cactus & Lindad, have a great time at Couples. We aren't going until March to CTI. Some of us will also be down there on Friday Dec. 4. Let us know if you'd like to meet for a send-off drink or two that night.

    Jeff & Gail, it will be great to see you guys again.

    To others interested in meeting on Dec. 5, we have not set anything in stone yet. We are pretty laid back and spontaneous. We have decided on a hotel, which is reasonably priced ($70 advanced payment or $80 regular rates) and has a bar, exercise room, and pool/hot tub/sauna. They also have a shuttle going to/from the Mall of America. Like I mentioned, we are going to book 2 nights (Dec. 4 & 5).

    The shopping part is wide open, of course. We'd meet in the lobby and/or at a certain time at the mall for those who'd like to group shop.

    As far as dinner/drinks/partying goes, that is also open. We can meet up at the mall for dinner/drinks, go back to the hotel bar for dinner/drinks, and/or BYOB and order some pizzas or something to eat in our rooms or in the pool area.

    Here is the link for the hotel...

    If the link doesn't work, just google Crowne Plaza Eagan.

    Let us know if you can make it!

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    That sounds like fun! I'll mention it to my wife and some other Couples friends we're hanging out with on Friday.

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    wow- all you minnesotans are leaving the tundra in Jan. why?!? Ha-- buurrr! We're from Duluth and WISH we could leave this winter to beautiful CSA just the thought warms my spirit on a day like today-- it's cold..rainy/snowy..and looks like it's 6pm outside right now. iiiccckk

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    Ok...I'm bummed out. Vikings lost yesterday. Oh well, I'm sure they will take it out on their next opponent. Hmmm...who could that be?

    We have booked our rooms at the Crowne Plaza for Dec. 4-5. So have Jeff & Gail (jgcranch). Sue & Adolph (Sueboo)...congrats on your upcoming anniversary! would be great to meet you and your Couples friends.

    If anyone has any questions, my email is

    Now, about that vikings game next week...
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    Thanks for the info. We are going to do our darndest to get there. Son has a hockey game that day 500pm in Somerset looking at the schedule. We would not be there until the evening after the drive. We will keep you posted and watch the thread. Thx

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    Jamaican Junkie, with any kind of luck that T-shirt would be Rodgers doing it to Favre. I sort of like the Viking game on Sunday. Especially since it was Favre that caused both turnovers. See guys, he isn't a god. He had been the reason we lost several of our games over the years, and he could do it for you also. The other thing is think about last year with New York. He was great in the beginning of the season, and then went down hill. His down hill time is coming soon-like Nov 1. Good luck though.

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    Captain, don't worry...we'll be alive and kicking and saving a cold one for you!

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    I hope the game on sunday is not too painful. I hope his down hill continues in our packer stadium. Should they boooo or should they just stay quiet?

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    cosmet, personally, I think we should be bigger than them, and just stay quite. We can gloat privately-like putting that smirk on our faces.

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    Sorry to report but Jared Allen will have a hay-day and be Rockin the Mullet, as he ropes many a Rogers. I love this rivalry... Go Vikes!

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    I am very interested in attending. . .I'm just not sure I can get hubby to agree. Dec. 4 is our anniversary (and we were married at CSA 5 years ago), and we are heading off to CTI on Dec. 13th. So. . .it's a busy December for us and not sure we can fit this in also. Thanks for arranging this and keeping us posted. We live in Rochester and could easily just drive up for one evening, so maybe I'll be able to work it in. It would be fun to get together with like-minded friends!!!

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    tnt...congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Maybe you could make it up there for 1 night, either 4th or 5th? You could have a nice romantic dinner at the Mall at one of their fine restaurants...Tucci Benucch, Napa Valley Grille, Hooters. It would be great to meet you.

    As for you cheeseheads...aren't you carrying it a bit too Farve? Why is he so despised? Didn't the Packers trade him away? Yes I understand he's wishy-washy. We went through it here during training camp! But besides that, he still wants to play and is just going about his business. I think you should be classy about it and just honor him 4 the time he played 4 you. He was Favre and away the best Packer of all time. Players like him are few and Favre between!

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    Default At the mall

    as far as the favre-ola-crapola goes his downhill slide is starting to show. And we would love to be up there again to the mall,but at that time we planin on getting ready for her b-day in cancun on dec 9th and we need to get ready cuz we leaving on the 8th. Its a 6 hr drive from here outside milwaukee so we would love to be there but cant but its a cool-beans idea ya have and as far as favre goes dig the photo below...........and yes the packers made favre who he is enjoy the truthful moment below and get ready for more to come and oh yes dont forget that interceptions
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    Favre...4 TD passes and no interceptions.

    Yeah...the cheeseheads stayed quiet alright.

    That's gotta really hurt!
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    The Junk's on the loose. Was in GB dressed as Jared Allen. I have a photo to share but can't figure out how to post it. Awsome day and yes did crush the hated PACK> [img]101_0779.jpg[/img]
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