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    Default Christmas and New Year at CTI

    We are going to Tower Isle from Dec 19th to Jan 2nd and are really looking forward to it. Can anyone give us an idea what its like over the festive season? Do I need to bring a Tux to wear on Xmas day or new years eve?

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    This question has been asked alot lately, scroll down some of the threads, a few non newbies have given a little feedback...Tux? No way man!

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    Scott/Judy posted this on another New Years Eve thread:

    "This will be our 5th annual New Years in Jamaica, all at CTI except for last year as it was still being remodeled so we were at CSS. Couples is our favorite place to be for New Years. Always a big party with great food, great people, a dance and entertainment! Of course the drinks are free Similiar party at both CTI and CSS, so I am assuming the same for CN and CSA. We always meet new people and see old friends from prior years. If you are at CTI this year, you will find us on Tower Island.

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