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    Default Best places to snorkel in CSS

    I know at CTI there was certain spots that had the best snorkeling. For those who have been snorkeling at CSS, does CSS have different spots to snorkel, and what was your favorite?thanks!

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    I'm going to guess the ocean. lol.

    I don't snorkel but on the glass bottom boat tour they mentioned the reef and the sunken boat.

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    There is not great snorkelling off the beach anywhere at CSS. Best to take the daily snorkelling tour. It goes twice a day, morning and afternoon.

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    I guess I should have been more specific.I was wondering what site specifically had better snorkeling. I can't remember the different names of the places in CTI the snorkeling tour would take but I know there was one they called another name and that was a better one, but if it was too wavy they wouldn't take us out there.

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    Background first: there are two main destinations for the CSS snorkel trips, one to the east at a shipwreck, one to the west that is out in the middle of the bay about 1/2 mile off CSS's Sunset Beach (SSB).

    So to snorkel directly from the resort, snorkel off Sunset Beach (au naturel), heading out along the rocks on the right for 150 yards or so, then you'll find large coral heads and canyons in about 25 feet of water --- basically it's the same reef line as you go to on the west-bound snorkel trip. You'll experience some interesting salinity distortion effects and cool spots from the river as you swim in and out, but once you're out at the main reef the water is clear and warm. You'll encounter a gentle current coming back in---so to do this expedition you should be healthy enough to not worry too much about the steps at CSS. I'm not sure if CSS watersports lets you bring their gear over here, we always have our own anyway.

    Afterwards, have a drink to celebrate at the SSB bar, and no worries---no wet bathing suit.

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    Thanks for the advice. I have my own mask and snorkel as well just not flippers

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    We were at CSS 5 years ago. Because we had been there before it opened as a Couples resort we knew where to go to snorkel. If you go past the mineral pool, the grotto and the massage area there is another entrance where you can go snorkelling. Few people knew about it. You can go for a distance . We enjoyed it very much. At the AN beach we tried the snorkelling but found the water a bit chilly with the river water flowing into the sea.

    We go to CN once or twice a year now for 2 weeks at a time. We have not found any good snorkelling there off the beach so we take the snorkeling boat trip. Over the years the coral has deteriorated.

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    My wife and I did some snorkeling in front of the mineral pool and it was not bad. You can go out to the reef and see some coral and fish. The trip to the boat was nice too. I can't wait to go scuba diving there this April. I definitely think it is worth bringing your own snorkeling gear so you can check out the reef at the main beach. I have also read that it's not to bad over on sunset beach. Have fun.

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