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    Default What did you wear under your dress?

    I'm having a mini-melt down trying to come up with a solution to my problem and I was hoping maybe some ladies on the board could help me. I have a long, sleek wedding dress and I'm pretty petite so I don't want or need to wear a corset so I thought I'd wear a strapless bra. Well, it's just now occured to me over the weekend that the strapless bra I bought to wear with the dress isn't low enough in the back to wear with my dress. The back of my dress comes up right in the middle so now I'm trying to find a bra that is low enough in the back but gives me support in the front. I thought about the silcone sticky things you can stick on but with the heat, I'm afraid I'll sweat them right off. Not trying to get too personal either but I'm a C cup so it's not like I can just not wear one or some idea like that either. Did anyone have the same problem or know have any ideas? I'd appreciate it sooo much! Thanks

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    Victoria Secret has some bras that adjusts pretty low on the back. Other option is a pair of beautiful bra straps (, or Congratulations!

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    I am having bra cups sewn in. I also have the sticky bra thing but was afraid it would sweat off, so when my alterations are being done they are adding in the bra cups. Otherwise i would suggest going to Victorias secret and asking them if you do not have time to have te cups added. Good Luck. (If you know someone who sews adding the cups is supposed to be really easy and they sell them at joann fabrics)

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    What about the self-adhesive bra cups? Has anyone tried those before and if so how well did they work?
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    tape it -
    white medical tape ( the cotton textured not shiney) will provide the support and adhesiveness you are looking for with out the straps.
    Buy a few rolls and play to find out what "application" works best for your shape and desired look

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    I used the self adhesive cups that clip together in the middle. Got them at Target cheap. They worked great even after sweating inthem for 2 hours! I say try those! Good luck and congrats!
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    I wore a strapless bra from victoria secret. But sounds to me you should just have the cups sewn into the dress plus you will be lots cooler.

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    Don't wear anything!!! I just returned from my wedding. It does get warm!!! I also had a sleek dress that was low cut. I opted to not wear panties or a bra...go for it!!!

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