I'm having a mini-melt down trying to come up with a solution to my problem and I was hoping maybe some ladies on the board could help me. I have a long, sleek wedding dress and I'm pretty petite so I don't want or need to wear a corset so I thought I'd wear a strapless bra. Well, it's just now occured to me over the weekend that the strapless bra I bought to wear with the dress isn't low enough in the back to wear with my dress. The back of my dress comes up right in the middle so now I'm trying to find a bra that is low enough in the back but gives me support in the front. I thought about the silcone sticky things you can stick on but with the heat, I'm afraid I'll sweat them right off. Not trying to get too personal either but I'm a C cup so it's not like I can just not wear one or some idea like that either. Did anyone have the same problem or know have any ideas? I'd appreciate it sooo much! Thanks