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    Default Any Brides that got married on Friday at CSA?

    I'm getting married on a Friday at CSA at 3, and planning on going to the beach party later that night with my guests as our kind of reception. Has anyone gone to the beach party on Fridays and saw any wedding parties at it. Just don't know if I should stay in my dress the entire evening for the beach party, or if I should change into something more casual.

    Also I am thinking about after the wedding having a cocktail reception, but just wondering if you guys think it is worth the extra money?


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    we are also getting married on a Friday. June 4th, 2010 at 4pm CSA. We decided to do the cocktail reception for 20 of us. We are actually going to do a 2 hour reception with the mento band, hot & cold snacks, bar & bartender. Then we are all going to the buffet dinner & beach party which will be such fun.
    I'm also debating about wearing my dress to the party or changing... I may just bring a white sundress in case I decide to change but think I may keep on the dress!! Only getting married once so might as well enjoy the dress!!
    Good luck!!

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    I'm just 2 weeks after you on the 18th. I think that I'm going to stay in my dress for pics, then go change before the beach party. I hope the beach party is going to fun for a little reception. Have you heard about what all goes on at the beach party?

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    Hi ladies! I got married last December at CSA at 4pm on a Friday. Ceremony was over around 4:30 and we used this time for our photographer.
    We opted for a 2 hour private cocktail party in the garden with DJ, hot and cold apps starting at 5pm. This is when we had our first dance and cake cutting. The wedding coordinator reserved tables for our group (50 people) at the beach party. Promptly at 7 we all went over. It was wonderful! So many types of food, drinks and entertainment. When the beach party ended we headed to the Aura Lounge and danced. I stayed in my dress the whole night, I mean you only get to wear it once!

    Best of luck!

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    Thanks for the info. It's nice to know that we can reserve tables for the beach party. I was thinking I was going to have someone go early and save them for us.

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