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    Default Fishing excursions

    Hi out there,

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way for my husband to do some off shore fishing while we are at Couples Swept Away. He would like to fly fish (not deep sea fish) Any advice???

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    Contact the water sports team, I'm sure they can hook you up!!

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    Default Capt Larry

    When will you be in Jamaica? I will be there the first week in Nov. I'm looking for someone to split a half day charter off shore. I'd also like to do some "bay fishing" w some spinning tackle.

    Capt Larry

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    He could ask the locals down at Negril River near the Roundabout.

    I really haven't seen any shore fishing taking place.

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    Thanks everyone,

    We won't be there until February (I think). So I will check into it some more!

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    When we were there some friends of ours did an early deep sea fishing excursion. I think it was like 6am-noon. They loved it!

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