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    Default Walk to Margaritaville

    We will be staying at CSA and my husband loves Jimmy Buffett how far is the walk to Margaritaville on the Beach?

    Thanks so much!!!
    2 weeks to go!!!

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    Not far at all, 10 min....can't remember exactly, but not far!

    Have a great trip!

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    10 mins as you face the sea turn left...not sure about walking back after dark...can anyone else advise

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    Margaritaville is about a 5-10 minute down the beach to the left from the resort (when facing the water).
    It's super close and easy to get to.

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    5 minutes if you don't stop for a much less expensive beer on the way. If this is your first trip, go and see it, everyone does at least once. Kinda like going to DR Falls on the Ocho Rios side of the island. You go once, just so you tell others to just go once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janelle0828 View Post
    We will be staying at CSA and my husband loves Jimmy Buffett how far is the walk to Margaritaville on the Beach?

    Thanks so much!!!
    2 weeks to go!!!
    here you go

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    5 to 10 minutes is all

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    About a 5-10 min walk along the beach. But I doubt you will hear any Jimmy there.

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    It a 10 minute leisurely walk up the beach. Go to the beach and turn left and you'll run right into it. There is lots to see on the way. Vendors, food/bar places. The beach is gorgeous.

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    It is about a 10 or 15 minute walk along the beach to the south. Not far at all. However it has never been a highly recommended stop on this messag board. Food and drink prices are high and service has been questionable by those that have visited.

    That said, we have stopped by on the beach to watch games and contests for patrons. We have, however, not gone in or participated. Seems lively and most folks appear to be having a very good time. If Margaritaville is your bag, have at it.

    Enjoy your trip, you will love CSA!

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    It is a short distance from CSA.

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    Not far, maybe 10 minute walk. I never heard Buffet music there but I have only walked by and did not go in. You can hear the music outside.... I have heard that the drinks are expensive but like I said, I didn't go in. I did eat at the marg ville in the airport... Not so hot!!!

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    5 minutes tops! We were there in July and walked down 3 or 4 times!

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    It's a very short walk. Maybe 8-10 minutes

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    5-10 minutes depending on how fast you walk.

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    Its not very far but get ready to get harrassed like 500 times in 10 minutes by people trying to sell you stuff.

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    Yeah, we headed down that way & hubby was itching about getting approached. It's not like I had warned him beforehand...grrr

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    Thank you so much for all you replys!!! We have been before, but stayed at different resorts and went by cab he wants to walk so I appreciate all the info you provided to me.

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