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    Default Music for the Room Suggestions

    25 days till we leave! I'm really getting excited. I need to find our new CD that we will listen to while we are there. I always buy a new CD to take with us that way when we return home and I listen to it, it reminds me of our time at CTI. Any suggestions? We love Kenny Chesney and his island music. Does anyone have suggestions for similar type music.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Plenty of reggae, old school ska and rocksteady.

    You'll get sick of American Pie, Sweet Caroline and The Piano Man in the Piano bar and everyone else will have Jimmy Buffet!!

    You'll hear the familiar Bob Marley and UB40 tunes so it might be a good idea to add some of the less familiar ones.

    Whatever you need to get in the mood but as they say when in Rome.
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    The new CTI do not have CD players in the rooms, only Ipod docking stations.

    What about Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, or Bob Marley?
    Irie Mon

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    The new CTI do not have CD players in the rooms, only Ipod docking stations.QUOTE]

    None of the Couples resorts have CD players in the rooms anymore. They all have convertedover to iPod docking stations.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1963 View Post

    The new CTI do not have CD players in the rooms, only Ipod docking stations.QUOTE]

    None of the Couples resorts have CD players in the rooms anymore. They all have converted over to iPod docking stations.
    We requested a CD player from our housekeeper and she got us one in 10 minutes. You will hear Bob Marley until it's running out of your ears. To the staff, it's like K-Mart radio. Be adventurous, get some Third World, Peter Tosh, Beenie Man or Vybe Kartel. Kenny Chesney? Oy !!!!

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    I know they don't have CD players, but I will have the music on my laptop.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Ooooh, good excuse for me to get a new iPod Touch!

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    You will need CD's for the Island. They eventually allowed the staff to bring over a working CD player las week, but couldn't manage an iPod dock

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    I just took my ipod & played it

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    Al Green for me!

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    For info our room at CN didn't have CD player either just Ipod dock which we did not have.

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    Toots and the Maytals is excellent reggae music that you'll love!

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    Listen to Irie FM.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    What is the name of Kenny Chesney cd? We are looking for some different music to listen too also. We've got reggae, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley.I'd appreciate the name of it.

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    Caribbeanlovers ~ My favorite Kenny Chesney island music is "Lucky Old Sun", "Be as You Are: Songs From An Old Blue Chair" is also a good one. The "Lucky Old Sun" CD comes with a bonus CD that has a few live songs on it and they are also really good.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Coloradojuli- Thanks alot for the info

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    Default take & leave

    We burned some CDs for our trip - lots of Temps, Barry White, Santana, Al Green - lots of old school make out stuff (which worked great) and then left the Cds with staff as we went through the week. I know there is a beach bar playing lots of Temptations tunes! The crew working really liked it. They dig many kinds of music, it's not all island music. No effort, almost no cost, made a huge impression on the wonderful staff working to make our trip remarkable. Try it.

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    Default music

    We just down loaded Zac Brown band to our MP3 to take with us. You have to have the songs, Toes, and Where the boat leaves from. Every time we hear them we can not wait for our first visit to CTI! We leave in 3 days!!!
    Bill & Kim

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    We have a playlist called CSA...Here it is.

    Angel Eyes
    Rise & Shine
    They Gonna Talk...Beres Hammond - Music Is Life

    Angel...Shaggy - Hot Shot

    Jamaica Mistaka-Jimmy Buffett - Banana Wind

    Take You There...Sean Kingston - Sean Kingston

    Turn Your Lights Down Low...Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley - The Best Man Soundtrack

    Woman In My Bed Dub...Popa Chubby - Deliveries After Dark

    Roller Skates...Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis

    Taxi Driver...Steel Pulse - Rastafari Centennial: Live In Paris

    Chant A Psalm
    Leggo Beast [12" Version]
    Man No Sober
    Dub' Marcus Say
    Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round)
    Blues Dance Raid
    A Who Responsible? [Dub Version]
    Your House [Dub Version]
    Find It...Quick!...Steel Pulse - True Democracy

    All of Bob Marley Legend

    Every time I play this playlist it takes me back...50 Days 'til RUM CREAM All I Want...

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    I highly recommend Bushman - Higher Ground. Good reggae that will take you back to paradise.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Another suggestion...Shyam Moses - Expressions. Shyam played an acoustic set at the bonfire on Thursday night during our last visit to Couples Negril. Of course I picked up a copy of his CD and when I listen to it, it definitely takes me bak to Couples. What a memory...

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