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Thread: CN AN Shower?

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    Default CN AN Shower?

    We've only been to SSB which has a nice outdoor shower near the pool. While essential to keep the pool clean it is also nice to remove sand, sweat and salt throughout the day. Does the CN AN area have an outdoor shower even though it doesn't have a pool? Just curious.

    Mini Tanks, Mon!

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    Yes there is a nice shower area as well as a nice bathroom in the AN area at CN.

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    Yes there is a small shower between the restroom and the bar, tucked in a hedge .

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    Yes it does. It's right nest to the restroom building.

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    Yes it does, it's right beside the bathroom, towards the back corner of the beach area.

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    Yes, there is one right next to the restroom. And there is also a faucet at the foot of the hot tub steps to rinse off your feet before entering.

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    Yes, located just off the newly renovated bar next to the restroom
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