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    Default ONE LOVE BUS BAR CRAWL, 10-21-14! Anyone interested?


    We're looking to schedule a private ONE LOVE BUS BAR CRAWL for 10/21. The "Crawl" begins around 2:30 PM and ends immediately after sunset. They pick up/drop off at the resort. The tour will stop at SEVEN bars in various parts of Negril. You can see reviews on TripAdvisor.

    This tour is NOT offered by Couples and is NOT included in the price of your stay. The driver works on tips, and from what I've heard, that would be at least $20/couple. You are respectfully asked to purchase a beverage at each stop, as this is the way these business owners make their living. From what I've heard, you can expect to spend around $100/couple.

    If you are not a drinker, NO WORRIES, MON! We don't care if you come along and drink Pepsi!

    If you feel weird because you don't know us, NO WORRIES, MON! Four of us are in-laws and the 3rd couple I met in a CSA Facebook group. We all seem pretty laid back and I don't think there is much of a chance of anyone involved becoming obnoxious. You do NOT have to sit with us or be part of a group once we get off of that bus if you decide upon meeting us that you immediately hate us (What's wrong with you, though? lol) . However, if you do want to hang out, we are cool with that, too! VERY laid back people. NOT a 'clique'.

    If you have read the reviews on TA and are worried about overcrowding, NO WORRIES, MON! That is EXACTLY why we are attempting a 'private' tour. We need 8 people for this to happen and so far we have 6. We will be trying to limit this to no more than 12 people so we can all ride comfortably.

    Please, please, please.... if you are interested, let me know ASAP so we can make this happen. - THANK YOU!
    Marc & Beth - Michigan

    CSA Nov 2011
    CSA/CN Split Oct 2014

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    Unfortunately, we won't be there then or we would be in. We did this tour last year and it is a great way to meet meet the locals and support the local economy while having a great time. Enjoy!

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