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    Default First time CTI Dec 2014

    This will be our first time to CTI, we have been to CN many times, just couldn't swing it this year. My wife and I could not believe the difference, so we are both hoping it lives up to what we are used to. We are both pretty easy going people so barring any major differences I am sure we will love it. Anybody have any experience with these two resorts?

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    We started in Mobay at the S resort then discovered Negril. Tried H resorts once then GLN for 5 or 6 trips and then when that went downhill started at CN. After 3 trips to CN we tried CSS and that was ok, but 2 years ago we tried CTI after the reno and we really liked it. You cannot walk great distances on the beach but the beach is plenty big for us. If you like a/n the island is great.

    We booked Deluxe ocean and we were in Building 4 and building 3, both had awesome views. The restaurants are wonderful, especially 8 Rivers, the veggie bar on the beach is great during the day. We also like the fact that you have (2) big pools. We like peace and quiet now and if the swim-up bar is lively then we go lay at the main pool to read and have cocktails.

    The past several trips were in September and we had the place to ourselves, most of the other trips were in January and February. If you have any questions

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