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    Does the CSA gift shop have palm tree charms in 14K or any kind of palm tree pendants?

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    We were at CSA in May 09 and my wife wanted a gold Couples palm tree charm for her charm bracelet. We checked at the gift shop in the Great House and all they had was silver. We asked the woman behind the counter if they came in 14K gold.
    She said they did but they did not have any there at that time. She said she would check with the gift shop at CN. The next day she had the charm for us - so if you don't see one - be sure to ask them if they can get you one from one of the other Couples.

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    we were just there and they have them in gold

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    at the main gift shop they have the entwined palm pendants in gold. at the logo shop they had them in silver/pewter.

    we just left there monday.


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    Can anyone tell me the price of the 14k charm?

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    sorry, didnt look at the prices. Sue already has them. i think we paid near $200 for her gold one two years ago, but these looked smaller than hers.


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    Default Gold charm

    We priced the gold charm and it was $217

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    atthebeach--Thanks For Checking

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    Quote Originally Posted by atthebeach View Post
    We priced the gold charm and it was $217
    If I remember correctly, the silver was only about US25 or so.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    When we looked on Dec. 8,2009 they only had 3 of the gold charms, no silver. They seemed low on stock of everything.

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    the entwined palms silver pendant can also be found on the Couples Living website for $25.00


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