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    We will be at "Couples Negril" for Thanksgiving and my daughter's wedding. What should we expect? What to bring? Helpful hints?? This is going to be something new for us.

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    What should we expect? A great vacation and a nice wedding.

    What should you bring? Bathing suits and cover ups for during the day, nice dresses or skirts for dinner.
    Irie Mon

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    Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. My husband and I will be there at the same time, and it is our first time there too. We'll all have to meet up and enjoy the special occassion. Look forward to seeing you during that time.

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    We have been to CN for Thanksgiving and it is heavenly. I was worried about being away for the holidays but I quickly learned to love that I did not have to slave in the kitchen all day preparing the Thanksgiving meal or ANY meal for that matter. People wait on YOU all day long.

    The only negative I could say about the trip was that the weather wasn't so great. The water was choppy and cool and it rained a lot. Hopefully this won't happen to you. We still had an awesome time.

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    Glad you replied. Did they stick with the menu, or attempt a "Jamaican Thanksgiving" dinner??

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