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Thread: Here we are CSA

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    Default Here we are CSA

    We made it! Arrived sat about 2 pm. Flight was great, cust & immig went smooth. Rain that eve, but sunday was great. Rain this am. Looking for another great day. Will give updates the rest of the week.
    Ken & Gina

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    Have an awesome vacation & we'll look for your updates. Tell Elvis we say hi and we'll see his smiling face Nov 27th!! Thanks! Wendy & Sal Randazzo

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    So, so jealous. Have a great trip.

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    Glad to hear you made it. Looking forward to hearing about your CSA vacation. Enjoy!

    Kevin & Angie

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    A few questions/concerns:

    Do you feel the drinks are watered down?

    Does it look like lots of people are playing the "towel" game with claiming beach chairs, i.e. getting up early and dropping a towel to claim one. I just can't see myself following the law of the towel, so I am hoping it's not an issue.

    Do you feel compelled/asked to tip CSA employees, regardless of policy?

    My list of things I am looking forward to is much, much longer than this list. lol, Hope you have a great time.

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    No, the drinks are definitely not watered down. Watch yourself! The only watering down that goes on is if the ice in your drink melts from drinking it too slowly.

    People pay the towel game with palapas but not chairs, really.

    No, do not tip the employees, they can lose their jobs.

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    I am at CSA now also and NO the drinks are not watered down. If you think they are, ask for more liquor. No problem, mon! The staff here wants nothing more than to please the guests and will do whatever it takes!

    We have made it to the beach by 10am and have not had problems finding chairs in the shade. It really isn't as big of a deal as one would think. You are in paradise so relax, get a drink, and have the time of your life.

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    Default CSA Update

    Did the trading places yesterday to CN. Even though it was beautiful, and we had no real complaints, you know what they say.....there's no place like home. Went to the repeaters dinner last night. Fantastic food and entertainment. Met and spoke with Ricardo for a while, great gentleman. Had a full day today, massages at 9, snorkeling at 11 and cat cruise at 3:30. Sunset was awesome. Only a quick shower today, no problem mon. Dinner at the Palms tonight, then just spent the last hour with Ulti in the Aura. Great vacation. More later.
    Ken & Gina

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    Wonderful! Thanks for the update & Enjoy... Razzl

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    Thanks for the info. Totally jealous of everyone who is currently enjoying vacation. I'm so glad to hear ya'll are enjoying yourselves.

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    Default CSA update

    We had a full day on wed. Did Appleton tour, YS Falls, (w/zipline), and Pelican Bar, 11 hour day. Stopped in Maggoty and had some great jerk pork, (yes I said Maggoty ), have pics to prove it. Our Guide for the day was awesome. I'll stay with the MB etiquette and not mention names. If you want to know, email me at Today we chilled and soaked in the sun most of the day. We took a break and found Elvis to go parasailing. This really took Gina out of her box. She loved it !! We've had great weather with only a little rain. Everything is just as good as our last visit. Food, service, staff, beach. Friday will be our last full day. We'll do a full review with some pics in a wk or so.
    Ken & Gina

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    Sounds like a blast! Thanks for the updates.

    Safe travels!

    Kevin & Angie

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