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    Default CSA Review from Sept 30 - Oct 6

    My husband and I just returned from celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary at CSA. It was our first time at a Couples resort, but we had thoroughly read the website and the message board before traveling and everything was just as you all had described - - absolutely wonderful. We have traveled to many hotels and resorts more elaborate/posh than CSA, but our experience at CSA was something different. We can't stop talking about it and yearn for the peace we felt during our 6 night stay.

    We were warmly welcomed in the happy-feeling Couples Lounge at the airport, and only waited 10 minutes until the bus ride - - enough time for my husband to gulp down 2 Red Stripes and me a Pepsi. We enjoyed meeting couples on the bus ride while listening to our entertaining driver. We stopped once to buy beer and once for a restroom break. It took approximately 1 1/2 hours to get to the resort. During the week, it was nice running into familiar faces from the ride.

    The soothing open-air lobby, scented wet towel, and champagne were perfect ways to be greeted. Check-in (around 3:30)was quick, and we were given our room-type request (3rd floor corner room). It started raining during check in, but we were given large umbrellas for our walk.

    Our room (a BFVS) was exactly as pictured - - nothing elaborate but charming, airy. and caribbean-feeling. Just opening the door to our balcony was worth the time spent traveling. The view was simply breathtaking. My husband was excited about the well-stocked minibar (especially the Clamato juice for his morning Bloody Mary's). Our requests for our minibar throughout the week were always fulfilled.

    The sun was back out before we could change into our bathing suits. After easily making reservations for dinners and massages, we quickly made our way to the beach where we each got a drink (my first Dirty Banana)and a warm welcome from a bartender. We took a walk on the beach and couldn't believe how warm, calm, and turqoise the water was. We virtually had the beach (and perfectly soft sand) to ourselves. We grabbed a snack from SeaGrapes and knew instantly that we would return there everyday. Everything we tried was delicious and different from most beachside grills.

    We visited the Aura Lounge and Ultimate Chocolate before dinner. The laughs were many and the talent unbelievable. I could have listened to him play all night, but we had reservations at Lemon Grass - - where we loved the open-air atmosphere, shrimp cakes, spring rolls, and fried bananas. Again, nothing we tasted there was anything but delicious.

    We had a great night's sleep in our comfortable, king-sized bed and well air conditioned room. We were awakened the next morning by our coffee and basket of pastries being delivered. We loved the coffee and drinking it on our balcony while listening to the ocean and taking in the sights was a perfect way to start the day.

    Let me shorten this lengthy review by listing some of our highlights:
    - walking anywhere (the natural beauty of the paths was pure entertainment)
    - relaxing in the spa's warm pool before getting a wonderful couples aromatherapy massage
    - drinking pineapple infused water and mango smoothies from the wellness bar after playing tennis or running together in the morning.
    - the omlette, pancake, and Mimosa stations at the breakfast buffet - - along with the soothing music being played.
    - fine dining at Feathers (the crabcake appetizer and beef tenderloin were excellent; and I love coffee from a French press!)
    - reading and napping in a hammock on the beach
    - the fruit Kabobs and scented, chilled towels delivered each morning around 10:00 at the beach
    - wakeboarding and scuba diving for my husband
    - trying to steer the paddle boat
    - floating in the ocean on our rafts
    - meeting the bartenders at the beach bars and drinking anything they made (the day's special was always tasty)
    - the green flag service when I was really into my book
    - parasailing (we set it up through Elvis on the beach)
    - finding small, pretty shells in the sand. I found larger shells down the beach to the right, way past the Beaches resort.
    - swimming in the caves (unbelievable) and crystal clear water during the catamaran cruise and watching everyone slide off the slide their own special way.
    - working the bartender's toothpick puzzles while drinking excellent martinis at the martini bar
    - relaxing in the pool beside the swim-up bar
    - sipping the tasty ginger ale from the room's minibar while reading my book on the balcony during the short afternoon rains
    - taking walks on the beach, especially at sunset
    - the bread, pizza, pasta, and salad stations at the lunch buffet
    - hearing "No problem" after any request
    - the men singing and playing reggae music on the beach
    - listening to the outside night sounds of tree frogs and crickets
    - spending unhurried time with my husband, surrounded by other couples obviously in love

    I only had 2 complaints - - the absence of sweet white wine and the presence of small biting insects in the sand. I knew about both of these before arrival, and obviously, the good far outweighed the bad for me.

    We will definitely return. Thanks for all of the info you provided us on this message board before our trip; it was very helpful.

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    Wow, what an amazing review, thank you so much. We are also headed to CSA on 27 November for our first visit to a Couples resort and loved reading all of your highlights. We also booked a BFVS and would like a 3rd floor, corner room. We're wondering what your room number was and if you had a good view of the beach, without a lot of foliage in the way?

    Do you have any pictures of the room/bathroom/view?

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    So glad to hear you had a wonderful time at CSA. Everything is exactly as I remember and makes me miss 'home'. We'll be heading back to CSA for the 3rd time in Dec. Looking forward to it.

    Oh and I love the French press coffee at Feathers!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Will you have pictures to share?

    Kevin & Angie

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    You have made me soooooooooo homesick!!!!

    Wonderful review!

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    I'm having trouble posting pictures on the message board. Feel free to email me, and I can send you pictures. I don't have good pictures of the room, but I have pictures of our view. My email is

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    Great review!! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how it went

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    Any pictures?

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    Thank you for your review...I'm even more anxious to get to CSA Sunday!!
    It's going to be a long week!

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    That all sounds great! We are coming to CSA this Saturday!

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    We miss CSA sooooo much.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    We're celebrating our 15 year anniversary there also. First time to Couples. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your review and can't stay off these message boards. 42 days to go!!!!

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    Wow. That's sounds so wonderful. Only 54 more days and (hopefully) I'll experience the same.

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    What a great review. We will be there Jan. 31-Feb. 7. I've been to Jamaica 14 times, other nice resorts. This will be a first at CSA, but from everything I've been reading, it will be a place that will have to be re-visited! Thanks.

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    Thanks for the review. I was transported to CSA through your words. Have a great day.

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    shs, Thanks for the visit home mon... Counting the days off the calendar until Nov 27... (& April 1). CSA - toes in the sand w/a rum punch in hand. If you post pics, I'll be viewing! Razzl

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    Thanks so much for your great review! We're missing our annual Turkey Trip to CSA this year, so I especially loved your review - except for the fact that you missed mentioning the Buddah pool at the spa, you hit most all of our highlights!!

    Thanks again, and glad you had a great time!!

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    Gonegril, I was referring to the Buddah pool when I mentioned the "warm pool" before our massage. I agree that it is wonderful and wish I was relaxing in it right now!

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    Great review - we loved Swept Away also. Glad you had a wonderful time.

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