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    Default How's the Wi-Fi at CSA??

    Saw this on another thread. Assume just as good at CSA???

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    The wifi at CSA in July was great, at CSS in July just ok.

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    In our experience (keep in mind our last visit to SweptAway was April 2013), the wifi at SweptAway was spotty at best, and generally slow. If you're not in the Lobby, good luck with things like Skype. The AP's on the beach didn't seem to help. For things like FB and e-mail, it seemed to be so-so from most places, but patience seemed to be the order of the day.

    I hope that Couples has addressed this in the last 18 months or so.

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    Couples has done a really good job of upgrading the wi-fi connections at all of their resorts. We have found the connections to be very good through-out CSA (as well as CN and CSS). Assume it is as good at CTI, but it has been several years since we were there. Remember, at many (maybe most) of the other resorts charge a fee for wi-fi connection. I suspect you will be pleased...

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    I was at CSA in July and stayed in the Great House. No issues in my room or on the beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisylizzydog View Post
    I was at CSA in July and stayed in the Great House. No issues in my room or on the beach.
    .....Outstanding, all. Got my first Tablet last month, and should enjoy using it at CSA.

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    The answers to this questions seem to vary widely! On our last visit 2 years ago, we had fantastic WiFi from our BFVS in the center of the resort when the resort was near or at capacity. Friends who stayed soon after us had very spotty service. Reports from friends from this past summer were mixed. I'm not sure what to make of this. I hope we have good luck again when we return in November :-).

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    I don't recall having any issues with wifi in the restaurants or places like that. We would mostly use it in our room and on the verandah. It wasn't the best - I would sometimes have trouble getting a connection. But for just browsing the internet, or uploading some pictures, it is fine. First thing I did was search online for a manual on how to use the A/C remote It worked just fine, and in no time I had the PDF saved and figured out the little icons.

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    Ah yes, the dreaded A/C remote. Now why in the heck didn't I think of going on line for a manual instead of spending precious minutes just hitting buttons until, like magic, I got what I wanted. Of course it would seem somebody would always reset it and again I would go through the hocus pokus this remote is a jokus. Thanks.

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