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    Default CSA Honeymoon Package - I'm Confused

    I am looking at the "What's included" section of the webpage here and in the list of items under CSA & Negril starts with the Honeymoon Package which includes his/her massage and champagne. It says the value is $125 but the cost is $0. Does that mean that just for booking this trip we get a couples massage and a glass ofchampagne?? Am I missing some fine print somewhere on here? Wouldn't that be just awesome if it IS included but I have learned that nothing in life is FREE and I am sure I am missing something. What is the real deal?

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    It is free as long you do the following:

    Honeymooners receive a complimentary bottle of champagne and his / hers half hour massages.

    1) Reservation must have comment “honeymoon”

    2) Valid for couples that were married within 30 days of arriving to resort

    3) Proof of wedding at check in (proof of marriage is a copy of the
    marriage license or wedding certificate).

    It is the real deal.
    Irie Mon

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    Are you getting married within 30 days of your trip? If so, then it's your Honeymoon and you are eligible for the Honeymoon package. Nice, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbwppines View Post
    I have learned that nothing in life is FREE
    You won't be saying that after your trip to Couples!!!
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    It means that if you were staying someplace else, you would have to pay for it, but not at Couples.

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