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    Default Scubadiving at css

    My wife and I are Advanced scubadivers and are woundering about the dive boat at css we have beento CTI 3 years and are real good friends with the dive staff and I do most of the dives am and pm.

    Also I am bringing my Dive camera so if any 1 wans pics APRIL 20-30TH JUST LET ME KNOW i HAVE A 5 MEG dIVE CAMERA


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    CSS has a very basic dive boat (think the glass bottom boat at CTI) because of the reef they can't get a big dive boat at the resort. We dove many of the same places on the same dives as the CTI group. We would always be their first then see their boat when we surfaces - not sure if that was coordinated or not. Leon is the main dive leader - he was a little slow to warm up but I thought we had a good rapor after a week of diving.


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    Did Leon say if he worked at CTI before going there because if he did we know him and you are right about being slow to the warm up but is a great guy

    Bonnie and Mike

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    As experienced divers (15 years) my wife and I were somewhat disappointed with the diving at CSS, but realized going in that Jamaica is not a dive destination. We did have one excellent dive, the HMS Catherine, an old mine sweeper that was loaded with football helmet sized brain coral and situated next to some very good 'swim throughs'.

    That said, I would go back to CSS in a heartbeat.

    (Leave your gear home, theirs is in good shape and you won't have the hassel of carrying yours through the airport.)


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    I am not sure if Leon was at CTI at one point but my DH thought he was familiar so I checked our dive books and saw that he signed off on our 2005 CSS dives too so he was been there for a while.


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    Default Diving at css

    Well thank you all for the great info looks like we are only bringing our regs and shorties.
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    Default 35 mm photo

    Quote Originally Posted by n1fru View Post
    Well thank you all for the great info looks like we are only bringing our regs and shorties.
    Here is a pic with a 35mm camera now I have a 5meg Digital.
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    Default New Dive Pics

    I added a couple of dive pics to the thread.

    Mike Paradise SR

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