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    Default December 12 thru 23 2009

    Lets get this party started! Who's going to be there? Tom and I will be there. Lets hear it from you guys.....who else?

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    Lindsey and Neal
    Dec. 16-21
    2 time to CN (married there last year)
    celebrating our 1 year anniversary

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    Default we're there

    We will be there from 12/12 - 12/19. We get there on Larry's birthday. Wish I had a birthday present like that, but my birthday is during hurricane season. See you there. 165 days to go

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    We'll be at CN Dec. 16-23...#7

    I've started to count the weeks!!


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    Default 12/12 - 12/19

    We will be there.

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    We will be there!! 162 Days!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Now I know that I read somewhere that you also booked for Dec 2010. Is that correct? I also booked for 2010. Dec 11th thru Dec. 23rd. What dates are you going to be there for?

    So for 2009, anyone else as excited as I am??

    164 days to go!!

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    Hi - We arrive for our first Couples visit 12/16 and we can't wait. Our fourth trip to Negril but never to Couples. We are from Cape Cod and it has been so cold this summer - I keep thinking of those gentle breezes and warm water!

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    What a great way to celebrate an anniversary! How lucky you are and how excited you must be to get back!

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    Jamietrish...also from Mass!
    Check out the Mass Jamaica PAR TAA!!

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    Hi Deet - we are booked for 12/11 - 12/18 2010. We will get to party with you then too. We were talking about CN today, planning our 4th cookout. I went to the grocery store, was getting some frozen fruit juice for drinks with the basket right next to me, and someone stole my purse, car keys, truck keys, house keys, license, ss card, debit cards, credit card, cell phone and check books. Guess I will be very busy Monday, I don't think my employer is going to like this, since I was off Thursday to take my dad to the hospital. Dec please come soon, I need a little CN. I also have to get ahold of CN, because I signed up for the love away plan, and I had to cancel all my cards. It could be worse, they could have gone after me. You know you work really hard all week, look forward to a long weekend and enjoy time with your family, and people like that can really put a kink in it. I would never, ever think of doing something like that. Well, I just keep thinking we only have 23 more Fridays until heaven
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    Happytimes - I am so sorry to hear about your purse being stolen. I can't believe some people...really sad that some people need to sink so far and take what is not theirs. We work so hard for what we have, just isn't fair. What a hassel for you now to cancel cards, etc... Try to have a Good

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    Happytimes!! THAT is TERRIBLE! What is wrong with some people? How can they do that and feel good about themselves? I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I was that horrible of a person! I am so sorry for you!! That is going to really be a pain on Monday chasing all that down! JERKS!!
    But soon we will be at CN thinking about....NOTHING!! HAHAHA!

    HI BECKY!!
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    Wee, took the day off work and spent it on the road taking care of everything I could get done in 1 day. This is such a hassle, but I look at it this way. I could have been hurt during all this, so this is trival.


    CN soon come
    Dec 12-18

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    Hi Deb...
    It sure is a pain getting new stuff. I had my pocketbook stolen a few years back, I was out walking and when I got back to my car they had smashed the front passenger window. Lost wallet, cell phone, credit card, license. I was so upset. I had to get all new stuff and then they found my pocketbook like a year later. It was in the woods....all wet..yucky. Everything but the money in there. Of which I was really lucky, I had been saving money in a small section of my wallet and just that day taken it out and put it in an envelope to give to my husband to put towards the "vacation fund" and left like $13 dollars in my wallet. Which the real beauty of the whole thing was that I had put the envelope in a bag that I carry back and forth from work, they had picked that up and threw it on the floor to get my pocketbook. So, in a way, I had the last laugh. But still really stunk that someone could do that! And the broken window. Which of course the insurance paid for, but again....
    But I had a picture of my parents that I have carried for years and it was real nice to get that back. It was one of those heavy poloraids that I just had to let try out.
    But anyways....real cool that we will see each other two years in a row. I still don't know what you look like. We will have to post pictures. I know Becky though. And I am betting that she will be at CN in 2010 the same time too!
    Carolyn? Where are you??? 157 more days!!

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    Hi Melody- Yes, we are sure hoping to be there in December 2010 as well...we haven't booked as of yet, but are thinking about it. Well...we are at 155 Days today!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Hi Melody
    I am still alive and kicking but not very high. I just had knee surgery June 25th. Had a tear in my maniscus(?). Doing really good though. Working our butts off on the house we bought. Just about finished with the upstairs. Getting it painted this weekend. Now Bill and our son is going to start work on the downstairs. You would have to have seen the mess to believe it. We will try to bring pictures in Dec. We have also booked for December 10 thru 18 2010. I hate to sound negative but I hate this new message board. I'm not even sure this will get posted. Oh, well!!!

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    Hi Deet - I am trying to get things back to normal. Police aren'e very much help, the grocery store emailed and said they have a suspect on tape. That was 2 days ago, Larry called and told them, the deputy that took the report was suppose to be back on duty yesterday. Have not heard a thing, and they have to request the tape.

    I had a picture of my brother and of his kids. I don't know where to get another of my brother, he passed away 4 yrs ago. I will call my ex sister in law and see if she can get me a pic of the kids.

    I guess other than that, I'm done. Now it is just to wait for cards to be mailed.

    I'm glad we will see each other too. We have never figured out how to resize a pic to post. I was hoping th new board would make it easier. We will try soon

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    Ohhh Carolyn! I am so glad to see you on here! It did post!!!...don't get discouraged!! I wasn't thrilled about the new MB at first but I am getting used to it now that I think I have all the bugs out of it!
    I am so sorry about your surgery, but I am sure once you get a month or more under your belt you will be better. Tom had knee surgery too and he bounced back pretty good. And women are better bouncers so I am sure YOU will be fine.
    I will be so happy to see you and Bill! I hope we will be neighbors again.

    Whoohooo Becky!! Its coming! We haven't even had a summer yet. We just opened the pool on Sunday. It was all clear by Wednesday but has been crappy ever since! I am going to go out to my hot tub where I still have the temp at 104. Summer? Where? When?

    Deb, I hope they catch the jerks that did that. And I hope you get some replacement pictures. THOSE are the things that you miss most.

    HEY!!! 155 more days!!!:

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    We will be there from the 18th till the 25th of December!!! Can't Wait!!

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    148 days !!!!!! CAN'T WAIT. Moving up

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    My step-son and new daughter in law just got back from CSA. They LOVED it! They are telling Tom and I that we have to switch to CSA!! How funny is that! Maybe some day we will try it, but right now...still lovin' CN. I will try the Trading Places, but I don't think that is going to make a difference. My heart belongs to CN!!!
    145 more days until PARADISE!!

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    moving up - we seem to be getting lost

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    We were married at CN 10 years ago and are finally returning Dec 17-24 to celebrate our anniversary!

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    Hi Deet!

    We'll see Tom on the dive boat! Will be there the 7-21st.

    Linda & Mike Matthews

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