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    Default CTI Island boat timings


    I know the 1st boat goes to the island at 9 AM, but can anyone tell me how frequently it goes back n forth? Also my other half is currently having to use a stick to help her walk after an operation, so I was wondering how difficult it is to get in and out of the boat (IE is there a jetty both sides or do you go into the water to get in/out?)
    Thanks in advance,

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    Would love to know the answer to the boat timings too

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    The boat goes out or back pretty much anytime there's someone waiting at the pier (Resort side) or dock (Isle) In and out isn't too hard, from the pier you step down a foot or two, and at the Isle it's almost level with the dock. At no time do you need to get wet getting in / out. It's a nice pontoon boat, so it's a fairly smooth ride even when the water's a touch on the rough side.

    Of course, if it gets too rough, they stop running the boat.

    The boat driver every time we've gone has been ready to lend a helping hand to people trying to get in or out, and you'll often find the guests going with you to be just as helpful.


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    The boat comes as needed, just wait on the dock and they will come pick you up. You never have to wait more than a few minutes. To get on the boat she will have to navigate down a couple of rungs. To get off at the island it's an easy step off. The height of the dock and the boat are about the same. The staff is very helpful and they will get her on and off the boat without a problem.

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    the boat picks you up from the dock as needed, no schedule (This is Jamaica, Mon!) There's a short ladder (2 steps?), that you climb down to get on the boat (I would suggest you board first and assist her boarding), the boat then takes you on your journey to the island, which takes about 2 minutes. When you get there it's 1 step onto the island dock, where she will immediately start to feel the rejuvenating/healing powers of Tower Isle! I recommend this therapy for all of my orthopedic patients. It is 100 percent guaranteed, or I will pay your bar tab, lol.

    Good luck to you and your other half.

    Jim & Linda

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    The boat runs pretty steady throughout the day after 9. There is no set pick up and drop schedule but if you stand on the pier, the boat will come pick you up within a few minutes once they see you if they aren't there already. Both piers and the boat are easy to get off and on from now that they have a big pontoon boat. It's really just stepping off and on, no need to get in the water at all. Very easy.

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    The boat will come get you whenever you need to go over or come back.

    There is a dock on the island and a pier on the mainland.

    Getting in and out depends on the boat they use.

    Normally they use the pontoon boat so it's very easy to get on / off.

    Occasionally the pontoon boat breaks and they use the dingy boat - that can be tricky after a few drinks!

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    Thanks guys n gals.... Just gotta persuade her that going over is a good thing At least if she feels uncomfortable then we can go back after just a short while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalced View Post
    Thanks guys n gals.... Just gotta persuade her that going over is a good thing At least if she feels uncomfortable then we can go back after just a short while.
    One of the best recommendations if she's unsure about this, is when you get to the Isle, go to the right, away from the pool bar. That side of the Isle tends to be the more "quiet" side. I'd also suggest heading out early, so that the Isle is less busy and give yourselves a bit more time to settle into the (wonderful) feeling of the wind and sun all over.

    If she's worried about being "judged" because she's not perfect, trust me, neither is anyone else out there! No one will notice, or say, or do anything other than be respectful.

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    I want to comment about how helpful the Couples staff was in helping us get in and out of the boat. My husband had back surgery not long before we came to Tower Isle so was still unsteady on his feet. The guys were wonderful in making sure that he got in and out of the boat safely. We love going to the Island and have met so many friendly people. We are both "mature" and no beauties but feel so comfortable. Can't wait to get back again this winter.

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