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    Dear coupleaholics,

    We've been away for a couple of years and not been to CN for about 4 years now. We are heading back in November and wonder which staff we will remember? Can anyone tell us who is still there? Ivylin used to look after the pool bar with franklyn, entertainment staff were nana (I know she has left) shawna, Andre, Andrew (I think he's gone too) headed up by Simone.

    Karen was overall manager

    Restaurant had cameisha and Nerisa for breakfast and lunch - Omar was in the otahetie - Everod was duty manager (I know he's left too) and I am struggling to remember who else - are any if these guys still around?

    I know all the staff are wonderful and we will make new friends, but who can we expect to bump in to!

    Can anyone tell me whether pool/water aerobics still takes place? I like to try to earn the cocktails!!!!!

    Many thanks, looking forward to being irie later this year!


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    Karen L is now the manager at SweptAway, or at least she was earlier this year.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We were there in May and they had the pool aerobics. Lots of fun. CN has beautiful and special as ever!

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    Franklyn Wallace left Couples in January 2014 and now works at Grand Palladium.
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    Many thanks folks, it seems a shame so many have moved on but I know we will have a wonderful time, and of course I wish them all well with their careers.

    Thanks about pool aerobics, I had seen the activity schedules that had been posted but didn't see pool aerobics - so phew!!!

    96 days and counting.....

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    We were there a little less than a year ago. Karen is now at CSA. Mr. Williams is at CN. Franklyn is no longer there and the bartenders were rotating bars so Ivylin was at the pool bar and then at the beach bar. Shawna and Nellie were still with the entertainment staff but the others have moved on. Camiesha is now the hostess at Otahetie (thou she was on maternity leave when we were there) Omar and Brad were still at Otahetie. They still do the water aerobics and Wayne was still the trainer in the gym. Pool aerobics is usually at 11am. Hope this answers some questions. Yes all the staff is wonderful and I am sure you will see familiar faces. Have a fantastic time!

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    Thank you lisaroy - a comprehensive reply! I had forgotten about Nellie, she was on entertainment last time we were there!

    95 days and counting ..... Really counting!

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    I have enjoyed reading these posts. We have been to CSA three times and CSS three times. In April we are staying a CN for the first time. CN sounds as if it has an awesome staff!!! We are very excited about our April trip to CN.

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    Same for us. Back in Oct after being away a few years. Does anyone know if Shrek is still at CN doing snorkeling and scuba?

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    Shrek has not been at C.N. for at least 2 years. Richard is still there. Brian left for a while and then went to be in charge of the diving at Sweptaway a few years ago. Carl is now the dive master and is a very knowledgeable gentleman. Regarding Camiesa. She was back from Maternity leave when we were there for 2 weeks in June. She was always working in the buffet restuarant during the day. Never saw her at the Otaheite. I think that she only works days due to her children.

    Wayne Williams who would have been the Operations Manager when you were there is now doing a great job as the General Manager. Mr Bowleg who took over from Karen has moved away. Conrad who was the Food and Beverages Manager moved in June to Sweptaway as the Operations Manager. David who was the Ops Mgr at Sweptaway moved to C.N.

    Changes are always good. We are looking forward to returning in November for 2 weeks. An English couple that we met several years ago and have seen several times since will be there too. He dives with my husband .

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