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    Default Can I Record My Own Wedding?

    We are getting married this November at CSA and I was curious if I can video tape my own wedding or If I have to go through the resort? We don't want to pay to have the ceremony on a disc when I can do that when I get home. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    You are not obligated to have the resort video tape or photograph your wedding. You can bring your own camera and have someone that attends do the filming for you. Oh by the way...the resorts produce a very nice video that not only focuses on your wedding and reception but also includes footage of the resort itself for you to remember. Hope this helps in your decision.

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    I agree with Bart and Bug, for our first wedding 10 years ago, we had it videotaped , brought music to edit in and it turned out great! To this day, I cherish it. We renewed our vows in April and the price had gone way up so we passed but I have no doubt they would do a great job, have fun

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    Its really great idea to make own wedding video that I would definately suggest this to my sister.

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