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    Default Is the Night Snorkeling worth the $70?

    Can anyone who's done it describe the night snorkeling trip and what it was like? I envision it as being the same as during the day, but with underwater flashlights, which doesn't seem worth $70. I guess I just don't expect to see anything different, only it may be harder to see what we would clearly see during the day. Not understanding how this is worth the up-charge. One recent review of CN said it was worth it, but there were no other details given. We'll be going to CTI, so the area will be different. If you reply, please tell us what resort you were staying at. Thanks!

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    We are avid snorkelers and we did the night snorkeling once at CSA. It was difficult to see anything that was not in our flashlight beam. We did see lobster, which is very hard to spot during the day. For us the money was worth it, but only because we love to snorkel. Having said that, we have never felt the need to do it again, so you can draw your own conclusion.

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    I have done the night snorkel at CSA several times over the years. Half the time it was great because there were only 5 or 6 of us. But the rest of the time, there were so many people that you couldn't get close enough to see things with folks banging into each other and shining their flashlights in your face. If it's a small group, then by all means, go and enjoy.
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    I went while at CN in Oct. 2013. It was an experience to try once. We had boat trouble on the way out so we didn't get to the spot they had planned, so we went where we were. Being it was the first time snorkeling in the dark it was fun but like BobandJudy I don't think I'd do it again.

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    van- we did this last year at CSA. My wife was terrified, but gutted out, and really enjoyed it. The nite we did it, there was literally thunderstorms in the distance in every direction, so really cool lightning added to the experience. We saw several things that we didnt see on the day trip, several rays, different variety of fish and as mentioned a couple lobster. It of course would be hit and miss-while some may be treated to many sights, another group may not see squat. On our particular venture- somehow, we ran into another group that happened to be in our area- which turned into a real chinese fire drill for several minutes until everyone seperated again. Our guides were constantly trying to heard everyone in the same direction, which was comical at times(when you're half under water-you dont hear all of the commands). All in all, id do it again-was something that you dont have available to you under normal circumstances. mike

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    I did the night snorkel at CN and it was great. There wasn't any trouble seeing because there were a lot of lights shinning, so it wasn't you just following one stream of light. I saw eel, two species of water Snakes, crabs, lobsters, squid, a lot of small jellyfish that apparently weren't harmful, huge blowfish and an octopus. There were other things that weren't "animals" but were very interesting to see. As with regular snorkeling, you may or may not see much...each trip is different. I would suggest doing it once.

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    Thanks everyone for the input! For $70 I think it's worth it at least to try one time. If it doesn't seem worth it to do it again then I won't, but it's probably worth at least once to get the experience. We have to use those resort credits up somehow anyway!!

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    We went at dusk. got dark and it was great fun. Best part?

    It was a clear night and when we were done the clearity of the stars on the big ocean ( you can see shore) was amazing. Living in a metro area we don't get the "big sky" at nite due to light pollution.

    In November the sun sets by 5:30 so it was a great way to end the day!

    Then i got back to the beach and wrestled with Westbridge over the next days Palapa!

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