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    We got married on 9/25/09 at San Souci. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and more. We were more than pleased with everything. As for the resort of our choice, San Souci, we loved it and cant wait to go back. We were planning a return before we even left. The staff was amazing, the food was spectacular, and the accomodations were wonderful. My only regret of the whole trip was the fact that we chose to stay in the Hibiscus Cottage which was located on the far end of the property and we spent most of our time on the other end of the property. Lots of walking, and at San Souci it's lots of stair climbing. We highly recommend this property.

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    We're getting married on 4/3/10 at CSS any suggestions? Did you get married at the gazebo or beach? Resort photographer? Anything you can tell me about your experience would be wonderful.

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    Tanias, we got married at CSS, and are still here. We used the gazebo...we were set on the beach until we actually saw how beautiful and private the gazebo is. It was wonderful, and Antonette, the wedding coordinator (she's WONDERFUL!!!!) made everything so easy! We had our privacy, and didn't have everyone around during our intimate moments. If you do choose the beach, she will ask everyone to move down so that you don't have them too closeby. We did not use the resort photographer as we did not want to be limited, and wanted to ensure high quality pictures. We went with Diana Campbell from Digital Memories. Her and her son Richard do the photos and video (if you choose to have one). They're really great! They took us all over the resort to have pictures everywhere. I also used the resort salon (Tessa did a fabulous job!) and found it to be way less stressful than trying to do my own hair. It was a last minute decision that I have no regrets over. She guaranteed my hair to stay, and it did. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! And will love CSS!

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    I was just married on Nov. 14 at CSS. My husband and I cannot say enough for the staff, the resort, the wedding, EVERYTHING about CSS. We were married in the gazebo and it was very private and romantic. Annonette, the wedding coordinator, made my special day very stress free. I also used Digital Memories. Diana and Richard are great!!! It was great to have my photos the same day and know that I had plenty of time to get all the shots I wanted f0r my wedding. The photos and video were very professional and high quality. My family and friends were so impressed with the photos and video!!! I highly, highly recommend Digital Memories. I also used the resort salon and was very very pleased. We were married at 10am and was very comfortable until about 1130 when it started getting warm. This was the first vacation that I can truly say I was not ready to come home. My husband and I are planning on making this yearly trip because we enjoyed it so much!!! Best of luck... you will love it!!!

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    CHarper ,Greg&Tonya , Jen Bunny Congratulations & thank you for the info

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