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    Default One Love Pub Crawl - Wednesday September 10, 2014 - Join Us!

    Lets get this party started!! If you're going to be at CSA (or CN for that matter) and you're thinking of doing the Pub Crawl - Join Us!! It was the highlight of our trip last year.

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    Aaly & Zach (We're on the right)

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    Thinking of joining you. What is the timing like? Pick up / drop off time?

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    We had tons of fun on our 20th anniv, which was 8/6, Wed! Lenbert is a very cool guy. We made about 7 stops and left about 2:40, I think? We were all told to be ready by 2:25, I think? Have fun and not to be missed! The bus was packed. I can't imagine some of the stuff folks got on their cell phones...haha

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    Would love to join you but we only arrive on 12th September
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    He picks up at 2:20 and you'll be back at the resort by 7pm. The last stop is a bar on the cliffs with perfect sunset views, then a lively ride home! It's great fun and just the right amount of time. All you have to pay for are your food/drinks along the way and a generous tip to your driver and host, Lenbert. Can't wait guys, we're in the home stretch!

    What a bummer sunflower - too bad you won't be able to join, you'll just have to start your own!

    1 week now for us!!

    Aaly & Zach

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    September 10th is Ed's 50th birthday......that's what we're celebrating at CSA! We may just join the Pub Crawl. We spent my 50th at Rick's Café while staying at CN. This looks like a fun time.

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    Just missed this one, we arrive on the 13th. Sunflower, we'll have to catch the next crawl....

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    I think it would be great fun to celebrate in so many places! And what a perfect occasion to let loose and have a little fun!

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    We would love to join you guys. Will be @ CSA sept. 7-14th. Our first time here and first real vacation since we've been together. Celebrating 2 years together.

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    Please lmk if this is still going on or not so we can plan accordingly staying in the ocean view verandah room arriving Sunday

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    Mina - if you get this in time before you leave, be sure to email Lenbert!

    We leave Sunday morning... ahhh!!!!

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    I don't know if any of my post are showing please lmk where to meet and all on the 10th we would love to join arriving around 11am Sunday

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