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    Default Does CSS have shade on beach like CSA?

    We are deciding between the two resorts for next Feb. I am a melanoma survivor and the palapas and palm trees on CSA make a compelling case for CSA. Does CSS have many places on their small beach where you can be in the shade?

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    yes. plenty of shade spots available.

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    There's good shade by the mineral pool in the mornings if you're an early riser.

    We have had issues trying to find shade on the main beach, but never a problem at ssb...

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    there are plenty of palapas on the beach for you!

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    Pleanty of shade and unlike CSA you can also find shade in the water from the cliffs.

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    Never has been a problem at CSS (or any of the resorts). The one that we found least available, because of the small beach area, was CTI. Just relax and am sure you will find it not to be a problem. We spend most of our time in the shade due to our skin make-up.

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