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    Default SSB Dec 1-31, 2009

    Time to see who's going to be around ... Lovjamaica- Bill & Rose December 11-18 1st time CSS 6th time Couples.. We're also going to be there with Mark and Olga ~ 1st time CSS and Couples... Ya Mon...
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Rich and Maxine Long Island NY
    Dec 14-23
    5th time CSS 7th time Couples 18th time to Jamaica

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    Tom (Rooster) & Linda December 5-12. 2nd time CSS.

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    Bob and Deanne are going to be there Dec. 11-20 and will be spending LOTS of time at SSB.......I can feel it breeze off the ocean, cool drink, book, and my lying next to each other....priceless!

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    So far it's looking like we'll have very few SSB participants - two months to go... maybe more will show up?
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Newbies to the Couples experience & will be arriving at CSS on 12.10, married on 12.12 and then on to CSA on 12.13.09! See you on the beach (SSB 12.11)!

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    Default css 4th time

    this will be our 4th time to stay here welove this place and will spend the 10 days on the au/naturel side
    we will be ther jan 8 / 18

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    kdevilla...what time are you flying into mbj?

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    Keven & Linda (Piggly Wiggly) 11/30 thru 12/6

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    35 more sleeps - OMGosh ~ that's only a month and 4 sleeps away. I can't wait and boy do we need a vaca way together - alone.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    1st time CSS, 1st time Jamaica, arriving 3:45 Dec. 14th staying till Dec 21st. Looking forward to meeting some of you on SSB. 36 days and a wake-up. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

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    Karen & Paul, Nov 28 - Dec 5.

    Can't wait!

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    Robyn & Tony from wintery Minnesota
    Tony 4th X Couples, 1st CSS Dec 8th through 12th - 6 X in Jamaica
    Robyn 1st X out of the States (I told her Canada doesn't count)
    She's gonna love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yah Mon

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    almost there! this time next week we will be in the air heading to Mobay! Am not getting much sleep because I keep dreaming of tropical breezes and cool drinks....I wake up VERY happy though!!! Am I nuts or is it the couples fever???

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    It's Couples Fever - I got it too!

    Last night I had to start packing as I just can't wait any longer. This time next week it'll be time for after dinner drinks somewhere at CSS!! 7 sleeps to go...

    ... it keepsh me shane

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    LOL ....yep sounds like you have the same fever I have. Dang Ibuprofen just won't break it.....oh well tomorrow is the big packing day where I get the hubby involved. Got your lotion and am throwing it all in the bag!

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