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    Default Private Snorkel Trip Au Naturel?

    I read a thread on the main board about a private snorkel trip which you can arrange with the watersports team at CSA. It sounds like a blast, although a little pricey (about $300)! I will be at CN in September and I'm assuming that the same private snorkel trip which is available at CSA is also available at CN through their watersports department. My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary while there, and if we are going to splurge on one thing while there, I think we would enjoy this private snorkel trip more than a private dinner on the beach. So my question is this: Has anyone does this and asked the boat crew if they can go au naturel while out on the ocean? I'd like to do the private snorkel trip but I'd like to do it without a wet, sticky bathing suit clinging to me. Does anyone have any pertinent experience and/or information they can share?

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    If it was me (I'm cheap). I would bring my own equipment, take a kayak out into the bay, drop the suits in the kayak, put the your snorkel equipment on and go. The bay isn't that deep and the water is clear. We did that but kept our suits on. Check with the watersports guys and see if they have a rope to tie to the kayak and one of you so the kayak doesn't get away.

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    This is only my opinion, so take it for what it is worth, but I would save the $300. You can take the group snorkel trip which was really fun and free. It lasted about an hour start to finish, and we were definitely tired by the time we got back in the boat. If you want to snorkel AN, you could borrow the fins and mask from water sports and just look around in the AN area (of course, you may not see many fish because you will not be over a reef). I agree with you on the private dinner on the beach thing... It was very nice, but we probably won't spend the extra money next year.

    My suggestion is to get a couples massage! This was great and was approximately $100 each. We were at CSS in a gazebo over the ocean with waves splashing around us. When finished, we asked them to take a couple of pictures of us in the buff, as we were looking out over the ocean. Very cool backdrop. Very cool memories!!
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    Thanks to both jdubya and live2ski. I like both of your suggestions. We were already planning on doing the group snorkel trip, we've done it before and enjoyed it. I was just hoping to do the private snorkel trip, too, in addition to the group snorkel trip. We're also planning on doing the couples massage. It's definitely something we always treat ourselves to while at Couples.

    The reason for my post was that I read about the private snorkel trip and it sounded like so much fun! I was thinking that for our anniversary it would be wonderful to have some time together on a boat, snorkel and swim au naturel, just the two of us (and the crew, of course), and then have some cheese and crackers and some wine or rum punch while listening to music and soaking up the sun. Preferably all in the buff. No hanky-panky, just some quality time out on the water together without anyone else around (again, except for the crew). According to the main board's thread, the private snorkel trip lasts about 3 hours and can be tailored to what you want to do, so if you want to spend half your time snorkeling and half your time just cruising around on the boat, you can.

    I like live2skis suggestion, too - bring our own snorkel gear, take the kayaks out, and drop the suits. I have my own snorkel gear which I was planning to bring anyway (I hate putting a snorkel that someone else has used in my mouth - yuck!), so it should be fairly easy to make his suggestion happen. If I can't find a way to make the private, au naturel snorkel trip work, the kayak suggestion is going to be my next best plan. Thanks to both of you!

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    Even though you are not staying there, you can sign up for the nude cruise/snorkel trip at Hedo on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It costs about $55 for three hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srtaylor View Post
    Even though you are not staying there, you can sign up for the nude cruise/snorkel trip at Hedo on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It costs about $55 for three hours.
    Thanks for that info. I didn't know that was an option for people not staying at Hedo. We stayed at Hedo one year and didn't really like the vibe that was going on there, so I'm not sure if we'd enjoy their nude cruise/snorkel trip, but it's something to consider. I like knowing that that's an option. Thanks for the info, srtaylor!

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