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    My husband & I are lucky enough to be going to CTI in one week - Whoo,hoo! However, I almost had to cancel because the company I work for is acquiring a very large company this month. My boss said to go anyways, even though I am an important member of the integration team. So while I haven't been asked to cancel the trip, I know I will have to login to work daily at least to just read important emails. So my question, is do you have to go the computer lounge to be able to access the wi-fi signal, or can you access it from your room?

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    You can access the WiFi signal from the main lobby. The computer lounge does not have Wifi, it has hard wired computers and a printer.
    Irie Mon

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    I think most of the couples hotels are hit and miss on wifi, some rooms can get it, some cannot.

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    You weren't able to prior to the renovations, but am not sure about now. You used to be able to access it from the lobby.

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    I believe you have to be in vicinity of the front lobby to access via wi-fi...I utilized Skype while there in September to make calls and had no problem..

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    Hi, We have WIFI in our room via the Swimup bar network. There is also a Lobby connection. Hope you don't have to work too much.

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