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    Default Diving question CSS for Seandymon

    Seandymon! I copied this from the "Email address for watersports CSS" thread so that I could direct it to your attention:
    Here is my question....
    I have my open water cert (with many dives) and now have completed the Advanced Open water (text review, review with instructor) and will be getting a "referral" sheet to do the open water dives (5 dives) so I can do them in beautiful Jamaica.

    Since diving (and equipment) is free at Couples, I presume that I will only have to pay for the instructor's time to review my dive elements and submit my completed paperwork for final Advanced Open water certification. I would think that it would be much less than someone who is coming for their "Advanced" course without having done the first part.

    Can you please advise the cost of these 5 dives and getting my advanced certification? Thanks so much.

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    Hello Sunfun,

    I will look into it, and as soon as I find out I will let you know. When is your trip?
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    Thanks for looking into it.

    Trip is November, however if the price is too high in Jamaica, I will need to find somewhere here at home to do it (Canada) and we don't have many nice days left before the lakes will be frozen again!

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    The cost of the dives for Advanced Certification is US$265.00 and for Night Dive it is available at $50 per person. Minimum of 4 participants required.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Much appreciated.

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    Default Cost of Basic Certifcation

    What is the cost of basic certification (classroom test, pool, and open water dives)?

    I am trying to see how big the difference is from the $600 it costs here in Chicago.


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    Hi I am an Advances scuba diver in Massachusetts and the local dive shop has the corse for $250.
    shore dives and 1 nite not shur if it is a boat dive but the cost of the boat is $75 or so

    Mike Paradise SR

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