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    Default Beaches After Hours

    We will be visiting CSS for the first time in Nov. '14. We have so many questions but for now we are wondering how safe the beaches are after hours?

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    Very safe - except for those pesky sand fleas - use plenty of bug spray!

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    The beaches at CSS are totally private, cut off from the public. You have no worries at CSS.

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    And there is a security guard at the resort border on SSB

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    Begs the question, why are you worried? Jamaican beaches have been enjoyed day and night for years. But after dark it helps to be sober enough not to step on anything sharp, or soft and squishy.

    Could tell stories of Jamaican beaches after dark, but what happens etc.

    CSS Nov 23 - Dec 3


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