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    Default air jamaica just canceled my flight

    OMG! My travel agent just called to tell me that Air Jamaica just canceled our return flight. To stay with Air Jamaica, I would either need to cut or add a day to the vacation. I definately to do not want to lose a day and as much as we would love to stay an extra day at CN, we cant afford to. So, we have been transferred to US Air, which is cheaper but meals and baggage will not be included as it was with our Air Jamaica plans. And the flight times are later. I know it wont matter how we get there as long as we get there but It did annoy me a bit. My travel agent said AJ is canceling alot of flights in November and December because of slow business and I understand that, but it just stressed me out at first. Okay, i will take a deep breath and keep on counting down. 58 more days till CN.

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    I am praying for you, and it's a tough time for airlines, as it is for all of us. I had a very firm and futile conversation the second-to-last time our flight was changed (which gave us an unworkable layover). Take a deep breath, think positive, and be optimistic.

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    Where are you flying home too?
    We have a return flight on AJ 11/9 to Philly.
    Better give the travel agent a call!!!!

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    I am so sorry
    At least you can still go.....
    On the plus side- you are almost 57 days till CN now.

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    what city were you out of?

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    With all the issues with AJ, why does anyone fly it anymore?

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    We got the same phone call on July 17th for out outgoing flight on October 19th. What a surprise so far in advance! Fortunately, we were able to leave a day earlier and add a day at the resort. Fingers crossed when we call on Saturday, the 17th, our flight will still be departing ORD at 6:30 on the 18th! I will take a deep breath for you, if you promise to keep your fingers crossed for us this week!!!

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    Also beware that they've changed their baggage allowances. The second checked bag is now $25. Not sure how it affects tickets bought prior to the change. You're right though, lost time in paradise is stilll annoying, but once you're there you'll forget about it. Have fun.

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    The unfortunate thing is that Air Jamaica is making a lot of last minute changes in an effort to keep the airline profitable. Changes in times, arrivals, departures and even eliminating service from certain areas are all taking place. At the same time new services from Jet Blue, US Air, Air Tran and a few others are popping up and service is increasing.

    In the ever changing economy it is important to keep an eye on the services that impact you and keep a lookout for those great deals.

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    Default Air Jamiaca Cancellations

    I'm not sure that it's a November December thing with Air Jamaica my husband and I traveled back "home" to CTI in September and had the same problem. We usually book our trip for the following year when we return from the current trip which is what we did last year and 1 month before we were due to travel Air Jamaica canceled our return flight, (we received the phone call before our travel agent knew) on Thursday. To keep from having our stay short we booked for an extra day - thank goodness we were able to do that. Also, FYI Air Jamaica no longer serves meals unless you are in Executive Lovebird -1st class and they will begin charging for baggage on October 24th-check out their website. We've pretty much decided to use another airline for next years trip just in case.

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    Air Jamaica is the one of the worse airlines, and US Air isn't much better, but once you arrive, you will forget all the terribleness of flying. We been where you are before; we only fly Continental now. Not they're perfect, but their rating in customer satisfaction, is high.....

    Good luck and enjoy your well deserved vacation.


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    Sounds good, you ended up with a simple and viable solution to a minor problem.

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    What day are you flying? We are flying Aj out of JFK on 11/5 (Thursdays) returning 11/12.

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    Well doesn't that just stink!!! Take a deep breath...inhale...exhale....

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    I am also from the philadelphia area and booked with air jamaica for a trip to CSA in November. What day were you traveling on. I hope that they don't cancel my flight.

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    Two years ago we booked our Delta flight in late August for early July. Between booking and departure we had 39 changes in flight times including the cancellation of our direct flights going and returning. I feel your pain.

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    We had the same problem with AJ last year, we couldn't extend our trip either so we flew back on American....our luggage didn't make the connection in Miami and we had to wait for hours to get it. We recently flew US Air and although they weren't the best airline the customs line was much quicker and easier than in Miami. Also, we upgraded on AJ and it wasn't worth it - save your money on that one.

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    Thanks everyone. Glad I am not alone on this one.

    We are flying out of Philly.

    We leave on a Monday and come home on a Friday. They did have a return flight (FOR NOW) the day before and the day after, soI guess Thursdays and Saturdays are better travel days.

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