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Thread: Romance Rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRAWD View Post
    Bob, We are # 39374. Just think in less than a month we will be at the swim up pool bar or either on the island. It does not matter which, since we will be back at home at CTI. Since it is 1:30PM, I will be on my dive, and I will just have to play catch up with you and the ladies. Can't wait to see everyone there. Jay
    26 DAYS My friend! This has been a long year. Since you are so eloquent you may have the honors of discussing things with the ladies! We get in on the 23rd. We should be at the resort by 1:00. See you then Jay!

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    1700 For us. Been to all the couples resorts. I cant remember exactly how many trips. Went to CN last October and will be at CN from 10/8-10/15 2015 and then going to CTI from the 16th to the 23rd. Cant wait for this great vacation. Couples is the best!!

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    We are 1041. We must have signed up the same time as Gayle Ann. Trip number 16 coming up in December.

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    Sounds like we are somewhere in the middle with our number being 21130. We will be returning for our 16th stay in November 2014, and then we have two more trips scheduled in 2015. Sure is a long time for our next return in Nov...having withdrawals...

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    We are 20800 signed up in 2009 when we went to Couples Negril and have been there every year since (sometimes twice a year) and some years have also gone to Couples Swept Away. Speaking of Couples Swept Away we will be there on that glorious bit of paradise in 85 days.

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    45 days until trip number five!!
    CTI 2009, CTI 2010, CTI 2011, CTI 2013, CTI 2014
    Future Dates: CTI December 26 - January 3rd

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    71464 first stay was this month!!! Will be back next year. Loved this place

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    #15564, trip 5 to CSA in 320 days!

    Swept Away Nov/Dec 08' - Swept Away Jun 10'
    Swept Away Oct 11' - Swept Away Jun 15'
    Swept Away Aug 17' - Negril Aug 17'
    Tower Isle Nov 18' - Sans Souci Dec 18'

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    We are # 1668 and will be taking our 8th Couples trip this December.

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    2506 for us. Still have our card. Trip #7 in 32 days! Yeah!!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Aww, I wanted low number; 1092

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    15914. Anxiously awaiting trips 6&7!

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    We are 65244. We went in September 2013to CSS for our 20th. Trip 3 is booked for April a nd we are planning the 4th trip to CSA or CN can't decide witch one. Any suggestions?

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    #1780 for us and I still have my card too
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    Geez, I thought 5750 was low! #6 next year hopefully.

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    We are 55186 =)

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    Went over, and checked our's. It's almost 30,000.

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    46329 First trip was April 2011, and our 5th trip is booked for this December.

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    60513, 1st time was March 2013, CN in 14 days and return to,CSS in 6 months time

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    We're 61,393, but relative noobs, just on our second trip to CTI, leaving in 11 days! We got that number around April 2013, so if they're up to the 72,559 in July 2014, they're adding almost 9,000 a year now!

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