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    Default from 503 days out, to our SDD

    Finally my wife and I get to start our single digit dance. We started our countdown at 503 days out and as of 4 am this morning we have less then 10 days to go. This is a very much needed vacation. My wife after 12 years of hard work earned her Masters degree and CPA then end of last year. I started a new business in Nov of last year, and as of today I have worked 233 days straight. So as you all can see it is much needed.

    Sand gravity will be taking a hold of me in 9 days 18 hrs and I can not wait. See you very very soon Couples Negril.

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    Woo Hoo and yabba dabba dooo!!! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time. The sand gravity gets stronger for us the longer we stay away from home. Enjoy the much needed break, and have a Rum Cream on the Rocks for me.

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