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    Default Staying at CSW can we go to AU beaches at CSS?

    So we booked our 20th wedding anniversary at CSA based on recommendations. The thought of being interested in an AU beach never crossed my mind...until now after reading all the boards. Can we stay at CSA and still utilize the AU beach?

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    You can do a "trading places" day to Couples Negril and use the AN beach there, but you cannot go over to CSS or CTI. Of course that would be three or four hours each way anyway, so not really practical. Just sign up for "Romance Rewards" on the website before you go and then you can do one day at CN.

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    You can do a day pass to CN if you sign up for romance rewards. I'm not sure what days they do the passes and I think the availability may be limited. You cannot go to CSS as it is in Ocho Rios and CSA is in Negril. Approximately 3 hours apart.

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