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Thread: CSS June 2010

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    Default CSS June 2010

    My fiance and I are honeymooning at CSS from June 21 until June 28th. This will be our first time to Couples and our first time to Jamaica. Anyone else visiting CSS around this time?

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    Congratulations on the upcoming honeymoon. We have a deposit down for B block June 22nd to June 29, 2010. This will be our third trip to CSS. We can send you pictures if you have never been there before. In our minds, there is no reason to go anywhere else. ....Mike&Sue

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    Mikesue - I would love to see your pictures! Here is my e-mail address if you don't want to post them on here:

    Thanks so much! We are really looking forward to going. After months of researching all the resorts we finally booked CSS because it seemed like the most romantic resort for a honeymoon. We are booked for a Penthouse Suite.

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    We'll send you some.....

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    we'll be getting into the resort early afternoon on the 26th of june. this is going to be our 1st time at CSS. looking forward to meeting mike & sue also.

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    Default Mike and Sue

    Are your pictures taken from B block? I would be interested in seeing your pictures. We are staying in either A or B block. Thinking that B block may be a little more private than A block as far as proximity to the main pool, but we haven't decided which one to choose yet.


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    Default A-B Block

    We have only ever stayed in A block....This June we are staying in B block just to change it up, although the view isn't that different!....I don't think one is more private than the other. We hung out in another couples room (B block) last trip and noticed they had a slightly better view of the ocean. That is why we decided on B block this time. We can send some pic's if you want from A block.

    Have a great time whenever you go.


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    Yes, we would appreciate pictures very much. Thank you.

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    Hey guys, we are at CSS 6/25-7/2. Would love to see pics from A and B blocks. Is that the oceanview one bedroom or the beachfront? Is beachfront or oceanview better? First time at CSS, we did CN last Summer.

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    Sorry, email address is

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    Default Looks like we have a party starting!

    I think CSS calls A/B Block the beachfront Jacuzzi suites.
    "A" block is behind the main pool, and "B" block is behind the main lawn area, both with ocean views.

    We will send you some pictures from A block.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone at CSS and/or SSB in June.


    ---Does this mean we now have double spa/massage appointments all week?

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    Default the idea!

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    Default someone did this for our board for CN last year and I thought it was cool. Anyway, I am attaching the file but have no intention of maintaining it, so if there is an administrative type that likes these tasks, go for it!
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Hi Everyone,

    How many of us will be venturing to SSB? We tried the nude beach at CN last year, and it was great, we are looking forward to SSB.


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    Default Count us in!!

    Patrick and Diane,

    We'll see you guys on SSB. We will be right next to the Red Stripe and Dirty Banana's!

    Mike & Sue

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    Default We'll be there too!

    We'll be there 6/24 - 7/3. We were there in July last year and had such a great time. At 5 p.m. on our first day we went to view the sunset at SSB. Long story short - we were invited to join the AN group in the pool and said what the heck. What a great decision. We spent much of the next week in the SSB pool. We met some great people and the nice crowd there made the decision to go back very easy. In that we get in late on 6/24 - we probably won't make it to SSB until the next day. We look forward to seeing all of the people here on the message board when we get there!

    Tom and Karen...............

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    SSB sounds like a blast! We will be there.

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    Default See you there!!

    Tom & Karen,
    We'll have drinks waiting for you on SSB!

    We all need to plan our own late night SSB pool/hot tub party!!


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    You can count us in for the hot tub, sounds like a good time!

    Patrick and Diane

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    Default Double digit dance!!

    We are getting ready to do the double digit dance!!

    Who else will be doing the double digit dance for the 3rd and 4th week of June 2010?

    CSS/SSB Repeaters

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    Well, Sean and I were set to honeymoon at CTI but there was a glitch with our room booking that couldn't be fixed so they upgraded us to a suite at CSS which is where we will be June 6-13. Look forward to meeting some of you cool people there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bekahchica View Post
    Well, Sean and I were set to honeymoon at CTI but there was a glitch with our room booking that couldn't be fixed so they upgraded us to a suite at CSS which is where we will be June 6-13. Look forward to meeting some of you cool people there!
    we'll be honeymooning at CSS too-arriving june 7th. hope to see you there! congrats : )

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    We will be there for our 5 year anniversay - June 6th - 12th. We are first-timers to CSS and Jamaica and are looking forward to it. We should be in the D block in the penthouse suites - if anyone has pics that would be great.

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    We will be there the week of June 6th - 12th, for our 5th anniversay. We are first-timers, but we are supposed to be in the D Block penthouse suites - does anyone have any pics or suggestions. We are really looking forward to our trip!

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    Default us too for our weddingmoon!

    We're arriving to CSS on the 16th, getting married on the 18th! leaving on the 24th.

    we'll definitely be on SSB! Not sure what the other age groups are, but he's 41 and I'm 31, we're not big "partiers' but look forward to fun, sun,romance, food, drinks and tan bums!


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