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    Default Which room for honeymoon at CTI?


    Me and my fiancee are going on our honeymoon at CTI from Aug. 3rd - Aug. 14th as first timers and we are very excited!

    I have the "Deluxe ocean view" room booked for several months, but i am questioning whether i should upgrade to the premium ocean view room! We definitely want a nice ocean view and preferably not blocked by anything. We would also like to be on a higher floor.

    Should i upgrade? And if so:

    1. Should i call delta vacations and upgrade it ahead of time?
    2. Should i wait until i get to the resort to upgrade?

    Let me know what you guys think!


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    We always have the premium room. If you are going to upgrade to it now. There may not be any available if you wait. If possible you should try to get a room in the main building, building three. Have fun, you will love it.

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    I don't think the view changes much, you just get a bigger room and a tub.

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    We had a deluxe ocean view for our honeymoon at CTI in 2009 and it was great. It was on the top floor on the far right of the resort (looking out). I think the only different in rooms is the location, not the size, unless you have a suite. At least it's that way at Negril.
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    We stayed I a premiere room in January and loved it. We loved leaving our balcony door open at night and listening to the waves. The room is a little bigger and has a more direct view of the island. We stayed on the top floor, on the corner.

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    The only issue with the Deluxe ocean view is if you end up in Bldg 1. That view can be somewhat constricted. If you end up in Bldg 4, you'll be okay. But since the Premier rooms are allegedly a little bigger, and the view is better from either Bldg 2 or 3 (but try to get in 3!) and it's your honeymoon, why not upgrade? But do it now.

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    My husband and I honeymooned at CTI in 2011 and we stayed in a Deluxe OV room. I actually prefer the deluxe location(s) over the location of the premier rooms. The deluxe room we were in was in building 4 (west of the main building) and didn't have a lot of traffic. The premier rooms are in building 3 (the main building) and were always much more busy, especially in the morning when people are on their way to breakfast and in the evening after dinner. We spoke with a couple people who said they would rather "downgrade" to a deluxe room just to get out of the main building and away from the traffic noise.

    With that said, we were on the 3rd floor and our view was fantastic. The island was directly in view - not blocked at all - and we were far enough away from the swim up bar that we didn't have much noise.

    If you are going to upgrade (which, as I've alluded to, I wouldn't recommend) make sure you do it before you get to the resort. If you don't know who to upgrade through, give both places a call and see if either or both can upgrade you and at what cost. It never hurts to shop around!

    You will certainly enjoy CTI and talk about it for years and years to come!

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    The deluxe rooms are about the same as the Premier Ocean rooms, but are further to the west side of the resort near the swim-up bar in building 4 and a few of the rooms in Bldg 3 closest to Bldg 4. The view faces the same direction as the Premier Ocean rooms but aren't as direct a view of the Island and aren't over the beach area like the Premier rooms in Bldg. 3. Ours was a Premier room on the second floor directly over the patio, centered on the Island, right over the beach. The second floor offered a completely unobstructed view and was handy having only one flight of stairs to go up or down from the lobby and restaurant areas. The upgrade doesn't cost much and well worth it in my opinion. They do not have tubs though. If you want a tub you'll have to get a suite. It's your honeymoon, so get the best view you can for those times when you just want to sit on your balcony and enjoy some time alone. The resort won't be full in August so you may be able to upgrade when you get there but I wouldn't chance it. Call ahead and upgrade now if you can. If you get there and don't like the view you can most likely change to a different room since it won't be full, but to be safe, get the room category locked in now. We asked to have our room moved to one more centrally located when we first arrived and they were happy to make the change. We were there last August and returning this August 21st. We'll miss seeing you but guarantee it will be a trip you'll love and always remember, even if it weren't your Honeymoon!

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    Thanks everyone! We are staying with the deluxe for now since Delta was only giving me trouble when i asked about upgrading. If we don't like the view when we get there, we might ask for an upgrade.

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    I was wondering whether to get a Premier Ocean room or a Deluxe Ocean View room for our trip to CTI last year. I read a lot of info on this board, and ended up choosing the Deluxe Ocean View room. The main reason I chose that category over the Premiere Ocean room was due to the posts stating that the Premium Ocean rooms are closer to the action and therefore you often get disturbed by noise in that category of room.

    I guess it all depends on your personality and what your priorities are. I know my husband and I value quiet and aren't "party-people" so having a room near the nighttime activities and having to listen to loud music and partying while in our room would have really bothered us. However, if you are a social, partying kind of person then any noise you may hear while in the Premier Ocean rooms may not bother you. BTW - the view from our room was outstanding! Here is a link to our view:

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    I've stayed in both rooms and the ocean views are great in either. The premier room is closer to the action and has a better view of tower isle. The down side is that the building doesn't have stairs, but the bathroom seemed slightly bigger in the premier room. The deluxe is slightly cheaper. Other those differences the rooms are basically set up the same and has the same amenities and other great services.

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