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    Default Romance Rewards for First Timers - Going to CN

    This will our second trip back to Jamaica, but our first with Couples. We'll be there in 11 days! We can't wait!

    My In-Laws have been to Couples Negril at least 6-7 times and love it.

    We signed up for the Romance Rewards so we can visit CSA while we are there. I see there are a lot of perks for being in the Rewards program.

    Wanted to know, if our 8 day trip will apply for the "Young Love" Category?? Or is it that you book your first trip then on your second trip they apply those days to it since you would be a repeat guest??

    More or less, I just wanted to see if we'll be in the Young Love category so we can get the 30 minute massages!!

    Any feedback would be great!

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    You can do the Trading Places as a member, but benefits like free massages, etc. only happen on your next visit (second trip).

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    Next time you wil be repeaters and qualify for the perks you earned this time. Just enjoy this trip and start planning the next one.

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    You will be considered a Repeater at the Young Love category on your next trip, you are earning now to spend later so to speak.

    By the way, the Repeater's perks are very nice, we especially enjoy the Repeater's dinner.

    I love that you are already looking ahead Jessica!!!! lol
    You are gonna love CN!

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    Thanks!!! I was only wondering about the massage....since it's free I was hoping my hubby would do it since he has never done one and keeps saying he doesn't want one!

    You can't go wrong in Jamaica; give me the beach and a great drink and I'll be a happy camper all week! =)

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    I have to laugh because my hubby said the same thing. He had his first massage at CN as a repeater, we actually paid add'l to upgrade to an hour, he is hooked!!!!!! lol

    Never say never!!!!!!!!!!

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    My husband said the same thing forever...then he had a massage, and now he gets several a year.

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    we are 4 time repeaters this jan 2010 stay. we have no rewards card but why do i even need it if january will be our 4th stay?

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