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    We are thinking very seriously of returning to Couples. We have been to CN and CSS. Thinking Swept Away this time. Anyone here done CN and CSA? And which would YOU go with??
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    We would recommend either one, so I suggest you try CSA and do one day Trading Places to CN.

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    Love 'em both!
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    We have been to both CN and CSA several times. Swept Away is our favorite due mainly to the added dining options and the rooms. Both have a beautiful beach and wonderful food. We also love the spread out feel to the resort and extra walking helps hold down the amount of weight I must lose when we return. Bottom can't pick a loser!!

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    Loved CN, but have heard a lot of good things about CSA. Assume the beach is similar to CN's?

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    Good point on the "Extra Walking". I have been on Weight Watchers the past 2 years. Lost 90 lbs since last to Couples. I'm going to NEED all those Activity Points!!!

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    It all depends on what you're looking for in a resort. Having been to CN let's do a little comparison between it and CSA.
    - CN has the main area (pool, restaurants, lobby, etc.) centrally located with the rooms peripherally while CSA is the opposite having restaruants, pools and such on either end of the resort with rooms in-between.
    - CN has a AN beach for that all-over tan...which CSA doesn't have.
    - The beach at CN is deeper but less wide than CSA.
    - Finding seashells at CN is a little more difficult, because of being in a cove, while finding them at CSA is much easier as it is less protected.
    - Finding a lounger at CN is easy while doing this at CSA can be a bit of a challenge.
    - CSA offers an awesome fitness complex that CN really can't compare against.
    Hopefully this comparison will help you in choosing which resort to visit on your next trip. Of course, as SueandBill pointed out, there is the option of going to CSA and doing the Trading Places over to CN. Another possibility is doing a split stay between the two...starting with CSA (the place you haven't been) and ending with CN (if you enjoyed it there). Have fun with your decision and realize that there's no such thing as a bad Couples Resort!!

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    After going to CN for 5 years in a row always in February we decided to do CN in February and try CSA in October. Now we do CN in February and CSA in October and will be at CSA for the third year in a row in 96 days. We even did one week at CSA and the next week at CN. We love them both and could not make up our minds. We like the layout better at CN but we love the Beach front Verandah suites at CSA and that is our big draw. We love Paul Tucker and the Piano bar better at CN, but have a great time with Ultimate Chocolate at CSA but it has a different vibe for us. Love Seagrapes at CSA and CN has nothing to compare. Food is 50/50 for us but lean a little towards CN. The beaches at both are fantastic while at CSA you can literally walk for miles and enjoy local establishments along the way. CN, other then Office of Nature and the Vendors area you can only walk about 1 1/2 miles and it is all resorts, nice walk though. The staff at CN, for us, is a little easier to get to know as everything is central and we have been going there longer, but we also have staff at CSA that greets us by name after only 1 trip. The sports complex at CSA is the largest in the Caribbean, and the fruit bar at it is fantastic, CN has nothing that can compare. I like the spa better at CN, but the masseuses are great at both. I could go on and on, but it would be waffling, so our take it 51% CN and 49% CSA. This year we will be at CSA in October again, but we are not going to CN in February of next year, only CSA in October of next year, so go figure that one out. Is good Mon!

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    smroot, love your comments. They are an excellent example of the idea that both Couples Negril and Swept Away are both excellent resorts, they both have higher marks than the other in some areas, and you just can't go wrong with either choice.

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    Thanks all. Since we have been to CN, we are really leaning towards CSA.

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    Booked!!! Flying to Jamaica 3 October. Going with CSA.

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