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    Default NB Visit Staying at CN can we visit CSS for the day ?

    NB Question. Staying at CN for 7 days. Was wondering if we can visit not stay the night at CSS ? Also how far of a ride is it from CN to CSS will it take a big part out of your day. Explain the process do we ask before we go or when we get there. Reason for the question is would like to visit the AN pool area. Thanks,.

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    Couples has the trading places option for "romance rewards" members but that is only going between CN and CSA (both in Negril) or between CTI and CSS (both in Ocho Rios). CSS is approximately 3 hours or more from CN so it is not really feasible to do a day trip to CSS from CN.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's at least a 3 hour drive between CN and CSS, one way. You would lose a lot of your day. I believe at CN you can only visit CSA for the day. CTI and CSS can visit the other as it is a short trip.

    If you were really wanting to do this, and would provide your own transportation, I don't even know if Couples would allow it. Perhaps posters with more experience will respond with a definitive answer.

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    It will take your whole day up travelling from CN to CSS. I believe that it
    is a 3 hours drive one way. Not sure if you are a repeat guest however I believe
    you have to be to do the trading places.
    Enjoy CN, we are heading there for 10 days the end of December

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    Nope you can trade places with CSA but not CSS.

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    Trading places is not offered between Negril and Ocho Rios. You would have to buy a day pass at CSS and pay your own transportation which would cost you $300 or more. It's at least a 3 hour drive each way.
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    you can visit CSS but you have to pay fot the transfer yourself. The travel time is about 3 hours each way.

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    You may only "Trade Places" to the Couples Resort in the same you'll be at CN you may visit CSA.

    CSS is 3 hours away from CN..then a 3 hour ride back! Not feasible.

    If you were staying at CTI then you could visit CSS. Maybe you need to change your reservation. But if you want a gorgeous beach stick with CN. Hope this helps.

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    No you cannot go to CSS for the day - trading places only covers CN/CSA and CSS/CTI. Also it is about a 3 hour car ride each way so plan for next trip.


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    Thanks for all the info. We will just stay at CN this is our first visit and I'm sure there will be plenty to do.

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    You really should go look at CSA. While it is similar to CN, it has a bit of a different attraction and layout. Even if you just go for a few hours and not all day it is well worth it.

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    That would be a looooong drive. Pretty much waste an entire day, just driving.

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