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    Default flightstats?

    I have read that many people use this app or similar ones to check on incoming flights. My question is how do you see flights weeks out like some have stated, I can only see fights that are scheduled on the day I am looking. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    T, I haven't seen or read about an advanced schedule for arrivals. You could check the schedule for the day you will be arriving, so if you arrive on a Tuesday say... check on a Tuesday. It will give you a good idea on what your day of travel will look like. I copied a whole weeks worth of flights into a spreadsheet and compared it with the following weeks flights...there was little or no change for each day of the week. The schedule won't change much at all from week to week. Month to month might be a different story. Hope this helps.

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    That makes a lot so sense actually, but I wouldn't have thought of it with out you pointing it out. Thanks for your input.

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