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    Default Honeymooning first timers to Couples Resorts

    My husband and I will be taking a belated honeymoon to one of the Couples Resorts. I have been looking at the different resorts and they all sound amazing. We like to golf, beach and snorkeling. I would appreciate is someone could help with input on the different resorts. Also what are the best rooms.
    I was thinking Tower Island would be the best but hard to know.
    Thank you for you help!

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    Congratulations on your decision to honeymoon at Couples! You will never regret it. You are right; they all are amazing. We spent our honeymoon in 2009 at CTI and loved it. Then we switched to CN and were there 5 minutes when my wife said, "Wow, I like this better than Tower Isle". Everyone who has been more than once or to more than one of the properties usually finds that one resort that "calls to them".

    I will say if you really like a nice beach, then CN or CSA is probably a better choice. Bloody Bay in Negril, where CN and CSA are, is fantastic. The two in the Ocho Rios area (CTI and CSS) are more private, but the water is rather rocky and the sand not quite as nice. Water sports like snorkeling and scuba are great at any of the resorts. I can't speak to golf since my wife doesn't play (therefore I don't on vacation!) but I'm sure others can help.

    You will have a wonderful time no matter which one you choose. And when you go back (and you will), you can always try another property.
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    Susan, if you'd like, I could send you some pics to try to sway you over to Swept Away. My email is

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    Different people have different preferences, and what appeals to me might not appeal to you. My favorite of the four is CN, but CSA is the most popular resort. There is a lot of information on this web site to help you choose a resort. Read information on accommodation and dining options, take the photo tours, check out the photographs on the map/panoramic view, look at photos posted by guests, and read reviews. If you spend time delving into the wealth of available information, you'll find something about one of the resorts that particularly appeals to you. That is the resort that you should select. If you're still uncertain, at least you'll have acquired enough information about the resorts that will allow you to ask very specific questions designed to elicit the details necessary for you to make your final decision.

    If you're one of those people who has trouble making a decision and always second-guesses himself/herself, then leave it up to fate and flip a coin. You can have a fantastic time at any one of the Couples Resorts.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    CSA has the BEST beach! The staff is phenomenal as well as the food !!!! You wont be disappointed!!

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    Like said, every Couples is great, and it's just personal preference that separates them for people.

    For us, CN was our least favorite but still a great vacation. Beautiful beach, delicious food, amazing service. The beach is the main draw. Which while really nice, just not our thing.

    CN also has that same beautiful beach as CN, but also has a killer fitness complex, (in our opinion) better water sports staff, beach palapas (though always "claimed"), and our Atrium Suite was the best room we've ever had.

    CSS, which we've been to twice, is super romantic and tropical. Lots of stone steps and hidden nooks to steal kisses. The two beaches are rockier sand but still the Caribbean laps against them. The mineral pool is truly unique. And the spa! Massages is stone huts over the ocean with crashing waves!

    CTI was COR when we went many years ago. It's much smaller, but had so much wonderful packed in. Gorgeous property, stellar food, and the views! Plus, the island was a ton of fun

    We hope to return to Jamaica next April and if it is available, we'll leave it to chance - Secret Rendezvous!

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    I would love to see them. Unfortunately I already booked CTI yesterday. I it will be a good starting point, it sounds like once you visit you are hooked you can send pics to Thanks Susann

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    Default Thank you for the great insites!

    Before I knew how to respond to the string I went ahead and booked CTI for November. They are having an amazing sale with 1/2 off and could not pass up the great deal! It looks like we will have to make this a regular yearly trip, and try a different resort each time!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. November can't come soon enough

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