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    Hey! This is Dawn and Andrew. We will be visiting CSA Nov 14-28. This is our first trip to Jamaica and we are extremely excited. Looking forward to some R&R, fun, and meeting som great people. See ya'll soon.

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    Hey!! Stacie & Larry and we'll be there from 11/23 - 11/29. A short stay compared to you but we plan to make the most of it while we are there. It's been 15 years since our first/last trip to Jamaica and that was our honeymoon. Our anniversary falls out on Thanskgiving this year and we are so ecited to be in Jamiaca to celebrate. We look forward to meeting you. Save us a beach chair!

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    We are Cindi and Dan and we will be staying at CSW from Nov 14-21Let's get the party started! 34 days to go!

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    OK..Trying this response again as I see your message is still all alone on here. We are Stacie & Larry and we will be celebrating our big 15 year anniversary on Thanksgiving. First time at Couples, 2nd time in Jamaica (our honeymoon was the first). We hope to see you there. 11/24 - 11/29.

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    Hello all, Dave and Kathy here, we will be at CSA 11/20 to 11/27 we are getting married on the 23rd at sunset. Bringing some friends and family but always love to meet new friends, this is our first time at CSA but have been to CN several times. Looking forward to meeting everyone....irie mon

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    Our time is drawing near, oh November 14 onward. I must admit I have never been so involved in reading about a vacation before I went. It's amazing.

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    me too! can't stay off the boards...i am on way too much actually. I'm more worried about post MB depression than I am about post CSA depression. What will I do with my day once I have returned. I guess I will have to "get back to work!" See you on the 24th!

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    I've been creeping on this board for almost three months, ever since we decided to book for Nov 23 - Dec 2. Even though it's going to be our 3rd trip to CSA (our first couples experience was CN, and then CSA ever since!), the anticipation is killing me! We're now less than 2 weeks to go, and I'm a total vacation zombie at work - nothing matters except escaping from real life for 10 days! Can't wait to see everyone there!

    Nat and Bill

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