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    Seeing the room service doesn't start until 8am, are the coffee pots normal 10/12 cup sizes? Also, do they give you the traditional coffee packets, enough for one pot and a couple sugars? We rise early, by usually 5- I know, and usually go through two pots. So should I bring my own extra stuff, filters, coffee and sugar?

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    There is a door hanger you can put out on the door for a continental breakfast including coffee. Not sure what time it started exactly - it isdefinitely before 8am - maybe around 6am.


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    No, they use coffee packets that make about 2 cups of coffee; that's it! You'll get 2 packets of regular and a couple packets of decaf. You can request more regular coffee though. We always do.
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    So its a small 4 cup machine?

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    The coffee packets in the room at CSS in April were simply not good coffee at all. I is well worth ordering it sent to the room to get the good High Mountain Coffee they brew and serve at the resorts.

    As for bringing your own coffee and filters, the little machine in the room uses a specific little closed packet that would be hard to duplicate with stuff brought from home.

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    Room service definitely starts earlier than 8 am. We usually have it by 6 am if I'm not mistaken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T&T0811 View Post
    So its a small 4 cup machine?
    Yes, 4 small cups. I think room service starts at 6:00 AM so order a pot the night before when you fill out the breakfast room service card.

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    Room service starts at 6:30 everyday. There is also coffe available at the Palms by 5:30am

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    Thank you. Sad to say but the day can't start without it. And we love watching the sunrise.

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    Those coffee makers in the room are the slowest ever on earth. That 4 cups takes forever.

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    I always hang the ticket on the door for a pot of coffee to be delivered, and sit on my Patio enjoying it during the morning. You can get it pretty durn early tool Like 5:30 or 6 if you want.

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