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    Default Couples Swept Away Suites and general info... HELP!!!!

    My future husband and I are very excited about spending our honeymoon here at CSA in November, but we are having a hard time deciding what room we want. We like the Atrium Suite because of the privacy and the hammock...and the Ocean Verandah Suite because of the "views" and it seems closer to the beach. In the AS can you hear alot of the noise due to the windows just having a screen? Are the views worth the extra money in the OVS? This will be our first time to CSA, so load us up with all the info you have! Thank you all so much!

    P.S This is random but have any of you ever booked your flight along with booking the resort? It seems that if I do it this way it is considerably cheaper. Am I missing a hidden fee or something? ALL input is welcomed! Thank you again!

    P.P.S Any other info regarding the resort is also very much appreciated!

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    Congratulations first and foremost to you and your intended! We (first timers to Jamaica and celebrating our 20th anniversary) got back from CSA in May of this year and loved it. I also fretted about the room and whether we made the right choice. My advice and I bet a LOT of others would tell you - pick a room and GO with IT - you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! The room we chose was an ocean view 3rd floor. We got a (very partial) ocean view 1st floor. We were extremely happy w/ everything about the room. We specifically wanted a TV in our room - we spend a lot of time in our room some days and felt more comfortable with a TV. Would I have missed it if it werent there? Probably not. I am picky about my room because I need it clean and quiet. Our room was both of those things - seriously, you cannot go wrong, so pick something and move on! We had a travel agent book our trip and she did everything together, I would think this is the smartest way to book (but I can't be much help w/ that as she did all the work and I wrote the check!) This is SUCH a personal vacation. Some love the beach vendors, some are very annoyed. Some love the drinks and they keep them flowing into the wee hours, others go to bed early and rise early. Some LOVE getting dressed up and heading out to dinner, others would rather keep it casual. Try it all - that's my other piece of advice. We didn't to a lot of the included stuff; but chose to do more of the romantic, on our own excursions - we booked the private catamaran. It was pricey but probably the highlight of our trip. Others say the included catamaran is the highlight of THEIR trip. Just go with it, girl and enjoy the time with your love! Can't wait to hear how it went for you when you get back. I'm so much more relaxed for the next time we book because you just cant have a bad experience unless you really try!

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    Some of the ovs views are not worth it IMO. The ovs are tucked behind the beachfront verandas so you're not garranteed an ocean view.

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    Only stayed in Atrium Suite, loved the fact that there is no TV. Never heard any noise, hammock is wonderful. True tropical feel in the suite. You cannot go wrong.

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    All of the rooms at CSA are fairly close to the beach (especially compared to many other resorts). Even the Garden rooms are at most a 5 minute (slow) walk to the beach. Some of the Ocean Verandah Suite (OVS) have a view of the Caribbean, some do not (it partly depends on your floor level). Some of the Atrium rooms also have partial ocean views. It just depends. A bigger difference is if you want a TV, then you would need to book the OVS room vs. the Atrium room. Good luck!

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    We stayed in a Atrium Suite first week of May. Room 2126, first floor. Very close to the middle of the resort which I'm sure you know is very long, but not very deep. We originally wanted second floor, but after having access to our room via the huge porch we fell in love with the room and location. Hammock was just incredible to have right there. No TV, but did not matter. The tree frogs are very loud at night. Bring ear plugs!!! No glass windows and only screens did not matter except for the tree frogs.
    The rooms are a little dated, but that was a huge part of the tropical charm of the whole resort. You picked a great destination for your honeymoon. The resort offers so much to do if you want. Don't overthink it. Like what Miss_Bliss said, pick one and go with it and don't look back.

    Good luck!

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    We are looking at a choice of Garden Veranda, or Great House Veranda. Really leaning now to the Garden. No matter what; "The success of the trip, is in direct proportion to how little you spend in the room".

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    Congratulations! We got married at CSA last August and loved each moment of our trip. We stayed in the BFVS and our view was truly above the wedding gazebo on the beach; where we actually got married. It was such a fine trip. We did not leave the resort for the non-included excursions, as CSA provides a lot to do off/on the premises. Neither my husband nor myself were disappointed in anything. Take it all in and savor the experience. We are looking forward to our anniversary trip in 2015.
    Our agent secured our resort reservation and advised us on our airfare options. We eventually secured our own airfare because we lucked up with a special promotion, which she had not received yet. And the total price was still much more than 95% of the advertised airfare/resort rates.
    None-the-less we enjoyed the entire trip.

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    First, do you need a TV in your room? Old section does not have them in Atrium and Beachfronts. If the room name has Veranda in it you are looking at the new section and they have TVs.
    Second, do you want to see the Caribbean waters from your room? Beachfronts view the water and evening sunsets. A few of the Atrium Suites can have a partial view.
    Third, do you want to hear the tree frogs whistling and waves lapping on the shore at night? The Atrium Suites, Beachfront Suites, and Premier Beachfront Suites have screens but no glass in the windows to allow the "sounds of Jamaica" to enter your room. Wooden louvers close for privacy and all rooms have AC. Quiet areas and very relaxing.
    Fourth, do you want a hammock outside your room? These are in most Atrium Suites. One little tid bit of info on the Atrium Suites. The bathroom walls do not go all the way to the ceiling. My son and his girlfriend stayed in one and she insisted he sit on the balcony when she had to use the bathroom. Just mentioning...not judging.
    Fifth, do you want to lounge on a huge wrap around porch or balcony? The Premier Beachfront Suites have these. Very spacious and practically right on the beach. This is the room we always get. Nothing beats waking up in the morning to room service delivering some coffee and a fruit platter while you watch the resort wake up. Then head out for your full breakfast at your leisure. No extra noise as we try to always get our rooms in the middle of the resort away from the restaurants. With no TVs in these areas you don't have to listen to your neighbors choice of shows or to the TV playing all night because some people can't relax without background noise. Just the "sounds of Jamaica" to lull you to sleep.
    No matter what you pick you will love Couples. Ya mon...enjoy.

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    Booked, for Oct. 3; Garden Veranda.

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    Unless it's raining, you won't spend much time in your room. You can sit in a room and watch TV at home. "The success of Resort Stay is directly proportional to the time spent (or not spent) in the room".

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    Quote Originally Posted by acranger View Post
    We are looking at a choice of Garden Veranda, or Great House Veranda. Really leaning now to the Garden. No matter what; "The success of the trip, is in direct proportion to how little you spend in the room".
    Awesome! We will be getting a GVS. Can't wait

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    In the older garden verandas, the wall doesn't completely go to the ceiling too.

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    We did book the "Garden Veranda". For 3 October.

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    We had an Atrium last December an loved it. If you get into the first row of Atriums, they are pretty well the same distance from the beach as the OVS rooms.

    As far as your question about the no glass and tree frog noise... we closed the shutters at night for privacy and closed shutters have pretty much the same effect as glass. Still heard the frogs but in a muted, lull you to sleep kind of way... loved it!

    By day two, you will figure out the shutter "system" best suited to you. We were on the second floor, so first thing in the morning.... fully open, except on the atrium side, which were partially open (the shutters have 2 pin settings, so you can partially close them - because of the angle, it gives you privacy, but still lets light in), housekeeping closes them at turn down. When we went, we found sleeping with shutters closed and ceiling fan on gave the most comfortable sleeping temperature.

    Never stayed in OVS rooms, but really enjoyed the larger verandas/hammock, privacy, 25 paces from Sunset bar and equidistance from Great House and Palms of the Atriums.

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    My husband and I are going for our 2nd visit to CSA on Oct.9-16, 2014. We can't wait. We reserved the Atrium. Love the hammock, sofa and table with lights on the patio. Yes tree frogs are loud but nothing that a pair of ear plugs can't take care of. Even though there is no glass on windows, the shutters and air conditioner keep the room really comfortable. We were right in the middle of everything. Had a partial view of ocean. We have requested the same room and keeping our finger crossed that we get it. Truly anywhere at CSA is going to be great.

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    We have stayed at CSA two times and both times had garnden verandas. The first time we were on the second floor corner room and it was awesome. Yeah, we heard road noise but ignored it and enjoyed our vacation. The second time were were on the first floor and could walk right out from the veranda onto the sidewalk and head to the beach, that was an awesome room too! Either room was great as the first one had a bed, tv, and bathroom but now that I think about it the second one had the same. Both rooms no matter where they were located on whatever floor facing whichever direction always led us to the beach, it never failed! When we were in our room we were resting or catching some shut eye and the view really never mattered as we weren't at work. The only stressful time in the room is trying to figure out how we were going to mix our next drink from the all of the selections in our fridge...sometimes I don't know how we got through it but we did!

    This is just my personal opinion as we all are different but to us, the room really doesn't matter, its the memories that do.

    As for booking the flight with the room, we have done it both ways. The first time we booked it with the room, the second time we booked the room then called Couples at a later to add the room. The third time we thought we would go crazy and mix it up a little. The previous trips we arrived at MBJ around 1 pm then by the time we settled in it was early evening. This time we booked the flight separately so we could get to MBJ about 10 am.

    Have a great trip!
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